From Traditional to Modern: Top 6 Cities in Kuwait!

Sun, Sand & Sea: Top 6 Coastal Cities to Visit in Kuwait!

The northernmost point of the Persian Gulf lies in Kuwait. Bordering both Saudi Arabia and Iraq, some of Kuwait’s cities are easily accessible. There are 4.2 million people living in Kuwait, which covers an area of 6,880 square miles. Seventy percent of them are not originally from the United States.

About two-thirds of Kuwait’s workforce is made up of ex-pats from other countries, making it a wonderful environment for international workers. Sixty percent are Arabs, 37.8 percent are Asians, and 1.9 percent are Africans.

Kuwait is home to breathtaking landscapes, fascinating attractions, cutting-edge commercial centers, and bustling metropolises. Why do you keep stalling? Consider taking a trip to Jordan so that you can experience its lovely and tranquil cities.

Top 6 Cities to Visit in Kuwait

We’ve made a list of the top scenic cities in Kuwait that are ideal for a family or friends trip.

  1. Kuwait City
  2. Hawalli
  3. Al Ahmadi
  4. Salmiyah
  5. Farwaniya
  6. Safat

Kuwait City

One of the largest and best cities in Kuwait is also known as a city-state despite its diminutive size. The city of Kuwait is endowed with a stunning beachfront, an abundance of excellent dining options, and some very remarkable structures. Unfortunately, it’s been dogged by some pretty unpleasant neighbors.

Kuwait City
Kuwait City

The city has never yet recovered from the humiliation it suffered during the Iraqi invasion of 1990 and the subsequent pillage. Despite this, Kuwait is a relaxed vacation spot thanks to its moderate pace of life and the slightly more introspective nature of the Kuwaitis. Even more, moving is the Memorial Museum, which vividly reconstructs the terrible events of 1990.


Hawalli is both a significant governorate (one of Kuwait’s six provinces) and an important city. Its location in eastern Kuwait is convenient. Hawalli Province, Kuwait, is particularly lovely because of its strategic location.

Hawalli can be located between 29ยฐ20 N and 48ยฐ00 E in latitude and longitude, respectively. The elevation of the land above sea level is 11 meters. Some of the major cities of Kuwait are located nearby, including A Nuqrah and Ar Rawdah to the west, Ash Sha’b to the north, Sharq Hawalli to the east, and Al Jabiriyah and Bayan to the south.

Located on a peninsula jutting into the Persian Gulf, it is roughly 8 kilometers southeast of Kuwait City. The ideal location and many attractions of Hawalli make it one of the best cities to visit in Kuwait.

Al Ahmadi

One of Kuwait’s cities, Al Ahmadi, can be found in the Al Ahmadi Governorate. The finding of oil in the area in 1946 led to the establishment of this city. It was given the name of the province’s former ruler, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Al Ahmadi
Al Ahmadi

Al Ahmadi is home to the Kuwait Oil Company’s headquarters as well as various oil refineries and was designed with an American grid and lush landscaping. Many oil and gas firms are located in Al Ahmadi, making it an attractive place to live for people who work in the industry.

Road travel is the most convenient way to get across the province, but other modes of public transportation are readily available. If you’re looking for a place to visit that’s both green and quiet, Al Ahmadi is a great choice, as it is one of Kuwait’s top cities.


Salmiya stands out as Kuwait’s crown jewel and one of Kuwait’s top cities. There are numerous large retail malls and arcades located here. The proximity of Salmiya to Kuwait Cityโ€”it’s only 10 kilometers awayโ€”greatly facilitates the movement of tourists in and around the city.


The city’s long-term resident Indian and Pakistani communities contribute to its unique blend of Arab and Indo-Pak cultures. Places of Interest in Salmiya The city’s shopping scene is often regarded as one of its head draws for visitors. Salmiya is home to a wide variety of tourist destinations, including retail malls, parks, cinemas, restaurants, and more.

Ras Al Ardh’s waterside amusement park is a top attraction in the state of Kuwait. The park’s massive aquarium is widely regarded as the region’s largest of its kind. The Ras Salmiya mosque, with its distinctive pyramid shape, is a great representation of the country’s modern architectural style.


A suburb of Kuwait City is Farwaniya. As one of Kuwait’s most well-liked cities and a haven for shopping, Farwaniya is a favorite destination for visitors from the outside. The city is known for having fantastic shopping areas with a large selection of goods.

Both routes go north-south, while the Ghazali Expressway takes you to the Kuwait International Airport in the east. You are going to come across some stunning mosques. Hospitals, a university, a park, and other services are available in this city. It is Kuwait’s most populous and most picturesque city.


With its high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and architecture, Safat is one of Kuwait’s best cities and a top tourist attraction in the country. Safat is a dream come true for vacationers who value delicious food and cozy accommodations. Safat sits on Kuwait’s periphery. The area is wonderful for both permanent residence and vacation.


Great retail malls, historical landmarks, cutting-edge structures, and more can all be found among Safat Kuwait’s many points of interest. In addition, the Kuwait Towers, Bayt Al-Badr, Science and Natural History Museum, National Museum, Souk Al’Juma’a, Bayt Al’Sadu, Al-Hashemi II, and so on are among the city’s most visited attractions.

You may also go sightseeing at Al-Shaab Sea Club, Green Island, and the Shooting Ranges Complex in Safat. This bustling city in Kuwait is home to several international fast food and dining chains, including Burger King, Sbarro, Village Inn Restaurant, Hardees, Johnny Rockets American Restaurant, Oriental Restaurant, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Italia, Pizza Hut, Kei Restaurant, Lazord, and Prego.

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