The Great School of San Rocco: A Venetian Cultural Gem

The Story of the Great School of San Rocco: From Humble Beginnings to a Cultural Icon

The Scuola Grande di San Rocco is a construction in Venice, northerly Italy. It is eminent for its allure accumulation of paintings by Tintoretto and mainly consented to involve a few of welcome police officer work.

The History of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice

The construction is the seat of a confraternity settled in 1478, chosen later by San Rocco, commonly seen as a guardian against the plague. The appendages of the “Confraternity of St. Roch” were a group of rich Venetian civilians. The spot they selected for their construction is close pope’s jurisdiction of San Rocco which buildings the debris of the angel.

In January 1515 the project of construction was authorized to Bartolomeo Bon, even though few experts appoint it to welcome offspring Pietro Bon. In 1524 welcome work was resumed by Sante Lombardo, the one, in proper sequence, three ages later was interchanged by Antonio Scarpagnino. Following welcome passing in 1549, the last builder to bother the structure was Giangiacomo dei Grigi, perfected in September 1560.

The History of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice
The History of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice

The design was analogous to additional scuole in Venice, from two halls, individual at starting point level, the added initially floor level. The Sala Terra has a middle point and two paths, accompanying the entrance from the meadow outside. From this gallery, one level of stairs is experienced to the superior story.

The Sala Superiore was secondhand for the convergences of the friends and had a stiff pedestal. It supported an approach to the Sala valley’Albergo, that protects the Banca and the Zonta.

Art of Great School of San Rocco in Venice

In 1564 the artist Tintoretto was instructed to support paintings for the Scuola and welcome the most famous everything search out reside the Sala valley’Albergo and the Sala Superiore. All complete in the construction are by him, or welcome helpers, containing welcome offspring Domenico: they were performed middle from two points 1564 and 1587.

Works in the sala the earth personified are in admiration to mother of Jesus Mary, and apply oneself adventures from her existence. In the sala superiore, everything on the maximum is from the Old Testament, and on the obstruction from the New Testament. Together, they show the theological account from Fall to Redemption.

A sculpt of Tintoretto accompanying welcome paintbrushes is promoted, in addition to a relaxation incised to appear on a bookshelf.

Art of Great School of San Rocco in Venice
Art of Great School of San Rocco in Venice

The main everything involves:

Sala Terrena (complete list)

      • Annunciation
      • Adoration of the Magi
      • The Flight into Egypt
      • The Slaughter of the Innocents
      • Presentation in the Temple
      • The Assumption of Mary
      • St Mary Magdalen
      • St Mary of Egypt

Sala Superiore (ceiling)

      • Adam and Eve
      • Jacob’s Ladder
      • God Appears to Moses
      • The Passover
      • The Pillar of Fire
      • The Fall of Manna in the Desert
      • Moses Strikes Water from the Rock
      • Miracle of the Bronze Serpent
      • Elijah is Fed by the Angels
      • Elisha Distributes Bread
      • The Vision of the Prophet Ezekiel
Sala Superiore (ceiling)
Sala Superiore (ceiling)

Sala Superiore (walls)

      • The Adoration of the Shepherds
      • Christ Tempted by Satan
      • The Baptism
      • Christ Heals the Paralytic
      • Multiplication of Bread and Fishes
      • The Resurrection of Lazarus
      • The Last Supper
      • The Agony in the Garden
      • The Resurrection
      • The Ascension
      • Wooden: episodes of the Old Testament by Giuseppe Angeli
      • Sala dell’Albergo
      • Allegory of St. John’s Guild
      • Allegory of St. Mark’s Guild
      • Allegory of St. Theodore’s Guild
      • Allegory of the Charity Guild
      • Allegory of the Misericordia (Mercy) Guild
      • Christ Before Pilate
Sala Superiore (walls)
Sala Superiore (walls)

Ecce Homo (The Crowning with Thorns)

Ascent to Calvary

The Crucifixion

The Apotheosis of St. Roch

The exterior of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice

The appearance is beautified accompanying pieces by Giovanni Marchiori. On the left Gerard de Csanรกd and Gregorio Barbarigo; On the right, Lorenzo Giustiniani and Pietro Orseolo. In the center above the entrance to the building: San Rocco heals the casualties of the bubonic plague by Giovanni Maria Morlaiter.

The exterior of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice
The exterior of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice

Music of Great School of San Rocco in Venice

In allure prime, the Scuola was a main benefactor of sounds that are pleasant, harmonized, and engaging players to a degree Giovanni Gabrieli. Gabrieli opposed the post of organist apart from welcoming persevere St Mark’s, and he collected pleasant sounds, harmonized particularly for the position. An existing report of by what method the pleasant sounds, and harmonized aroused an English traveler was written in Coryat’s Crudities (1611).

In 1958 Stravinsky’s Threni premiered at the Scuola accompanying the songwriter attending.

Conservation and Access Great School of San Rocco in Venice

The Scuola Grande is open often all period round, except Christmas Day and January 1.

The paintings were down and out of preservation work, and have existed rebuilt by apiece World Monuments Fund.

Interior of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice
Interior of the Great School of San Rocco in Venice

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