Get Some Sun: 9 Scenic Milan Parks to Soak Up Vitamin D

Find Your Zen in Milan's Urban Oasis: Top 9 Tranquil Parks for a Moment of Peace

The city of Milan is well known for being one of the best tourist destinations where you can find all kinds of attractions. It is renowned as one of the most alluring tourist destinations in the nation because it has a variety of fantastic parks scattered throughout the city that are simply amazing.

In contrast to New York, Milan lacks a Central Park or other sizable open spaces where people may congregate. Milan, however, has more than 80 public gardens, both big and little, many of which are historically significant and are adored by the general people.

Parco Segantini and Parco Baden-Powell
Parco Segantini and Parco Baden-Powell

Top 9 Parks to Visit in Italy’s Fashion Capital

We are going to introduce the following 9 best parks in Millan and search the services and entertainment facilities, accesses, and sights of the parks.

  1. Parco Sempione
  2. Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli
  3. Giardini della Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte
  4. Parco Giovanni Paolo II
  5. Giardini della Guastalla
  6. Parco Monte Stella
  7. Parco del Portello
  8. City Life Park
  9. Parco Nord

Now, here we want to talk about them one by one in detail:

Parco Sempione

Parco Sempione, a large green space extending from the Castello Sforzesco to the Arco della Pace, is a well-liked public park in Milan. People protested the urbanization of a recreational area, which led to the formation of the park in 1888 as a result of popular pressure.

Today, the park is the ideal spot to unwind and take in the sunlight thanks to its British-style jogging paths, lush meadows, and charming bridges. It is open from 6:30 am until 10 pm. Despite having eight gates, the Castello or the Triennale Museum serve as the park’s primary access points.

  • Location: near Castello Sforzesco/Arco della Pace
Parco Sempione
Parco Sempione

Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli

The Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli are another outstanding green space. Designed in 1786 with broad walks and geometric flowerbeds, the gardens are home to the Museum of Natural History and the Planetarium. The gardens, which are teeming with a variety of fascinating plant species, also feature a beautiful play area and an oasis of butterflies.

Additionally, there are several shaded benches where you may read or write. Indeed, famed Italian writer Indro Montanelli, after whom the park was named in 2002, made the gardens one of his favorite hangouts. The gardens are accessible from four sides, including via Palestro, and are open from 6.30 am to 11.30 pm throughout the summer.

  • Location: near Porta Venezia

Giardini della Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte

The Giardini della Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte, often known as the “gardens of the Royal Villa” by Milanese, are a tiny green space on the other side of Via Palestro. An odd yet endearing regulation applies here: in principle, adults may only enter the park if they are escorted by kids.

The park has a classic 19th-century aspect and includes a body of water and a modest shrine devoted to love. The Neoclassical mansion now serves as the location of Milan’s GAM (Modern Art Gallery).

  • Location: near Palestro
Giardini della Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte
Giardini della Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte

Parco Giovanni Paolo II (delle Basiliche)

Parco Giovanni Paolo II, formerly known as “Parco delle Basiliche,” is well worth noting for its blend of natural and architectural marvels. It is located between the two ancient basilicas of Sant’Eustorgio and San Lorenzo.

The park, set among Roman ruins and well-equipped play spaces, is a popular hangout for young people, thanks in part to its closeness to the upscale Porta Ticinese neighborhood.

  • Opening this park from 6.30 am to 11 pm
  • Location: near Corso di Porta Ticinese/Navigli

Giardini della Guastalla

The tiny garden of the Belgiojoso Bonaparte Villa is located just across the street from the Giardini Pubblici. The GAM – the gallery of modern art – is housed in the same chambers that used to belong to the Earl of Belgiojoso, who commissioned the garden to be one of the very first “English gardens” in Milan.

The Giardino is a lovely area for a stroll, but there’s a catch: it’s typically only available to children, who have access to a playground, and the adults who accompany them. If you’re traveling with children and searching for a green spot to unwind, the Giardino is a must-see.

  • Location: near Statale University/Synagogue

Parco Monte Stella

Traveling northwest from the city center, you will come upon Monte Stella, also known as the “little mountain of di San Siro.” The hill, located near the Meazza Stadium, was erected on a mound of wreckage from WWII bombs, demonstrating the city’s determination to start again.

Parco Monte Stella
Parco Monte Stella

Monte Stella is a hiker’s paradise. The “Garden of the Just,” where trees tell us that someone had the bravery to reject atrocity and cruelty at some point in history, is an excellent incentive to attend.

  • Location: near the Stadium

Parco del Portello

Andreas Kipar and Charles Jencks created the park, which was commissioned by the Company Iper Montebello SpA and finished in 2015. It measures 70,000 square meters and is based on the time rhythm. According to Charles Jencks, โ€œThe underlying concept for the Parco Portello in Milan is the Ritmo del Tempo, the various rhythms of time that pulsate on earth and in the universe, the basis for musicโ€.

Thus, the three enormous mounds in this garden represent the three eras of cultural time in Milan prehistory, history, and the future – while the little garden depicts numerous rhythms ranging from the heartbeat to the four seasons to the key events of the cosmos. Overall, the rhythms of growth and walking are in perfect accord.”

  • Location: near Viale Renato Serra

City Life Park

The park within CityLife’s new starchitect area will wow you with its unique landscape gardening that you won’t find anywhere else in Milan, which also includes a vegetable garden. They also offer a full outside bar in the summer.

  • TIP: Because the park is guarded, you may enjoy yourself till late at night.
  • Location: near Piazza Tre Torri
City Life Park
City Life Park

Parco Nord

Parco Nord is located in the Milan suburbs. While it is quite far from the city center (though Milan’s public transportation makes getting there very easy even without a car), it is definitely worth visiting if you want to spend a day away from Milan’s museums and boulevards and completely immerse yourself in nature while participating in a variety of activities.

Parco Nord offers it all: hiking, jogging, and bicycling routes; soccer, basketball, baseball, and boules fields; a picnic area; and, of course, multiple playgrounds for children.

  • Location: to the north, as the name implies, surrounding Sesto San Giovanni and Cinisello Balsamo

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