Hengam Island

All you need to visit and do in Hengam Island

The southern part of Iran is a natural collection of picturesque landscapes and the world’s most charming natural sights. One of these many striking landmarks that is world known and popular for its pristine scenery is Hengam island located near the Qeshm island and city. Hengam island is a land full of stunning attractions and a perfect destination for campers and nature lovers. Hengam is unexplored and very unknown just like Qeshm and Hormoz. The fact that Hengam is unexplored has made it a perfect destination for travelers that are seeking peace and calm in an untouched and natural land.

In this article, we are going to talk about the beauties and wonders of Hengam island. Stay with us and keep reading; I assure you that you will fall in love with Hengam island as much as we did.

8 Best you need to visit and do in Hengam Island

  1. Silver Beach
  2. The Glowing Beaches of Hengam
  3. A natural aquarium in the middle of Persian Gulf
  4. The local bazaar of Hengam island
  5. The mother and daughter rock
  6. Henna Tattooing
  7. Scuba diving
  8. Swimming

Hengam island’s attractions

Hengam is a small island near Qeshm island that has a number of natural attractions located very close to each other. In the following section, we are going to name some of Hegam’s best attractions and introduce them a little bit.

Silver Beach

If you follow the coastline of Hengam island you will get to a beach where its sands are shining under the light of stars and sun. Silver beach is one of Hengam’s greatest landscapes and a marvelous place on earth. You can explore all over the world but I assure you that you won’t find a place with the same features. Silver Beach is a treasure to the nature of the earth and one of the reasons that you have to visit Hengam. Although, you are not allowed to walk on the beach and you can only visit it from a distance but it’s still important that you visit this wonderful place.

Silver Beach
Silver Beach

The Glowing Beaches of Hengam

Another reason for you to visit Hengam island is the glowing beaches of this island. As the sun starts going down and the island starts getting dark, you can go to the beaches of Hengam and see the coasts of the island that are glowing under the moon and stars with a shade of blue that lights the beach. The reason is the phytoplanktons that are living in the water that get together and create a shiny beach. The sad part is that this phenomenon only happens by chance. If you get lucky you will be able to see this magical phenomenon.

The Glowing Beaches of Hengam
The Glowing Beaches of Hengam

A natural aquarium in the middle of Persian Gulf

There’s a place on Hengam’s coasts where the water is so clear and clean that it seems like a natural aquarium. There are so many species and creatures that are living in the waters of Persian Gulf and you can go to the natural aquarium of this island and see them without goggles and having to swim or scuba dive. The water in this zone is so clear that you can just go there with a boat and see through the water while sitting on the boat. It is highly recommended that you visit this natural aquarium on your trip to Qeshm.

A natural aquarium in the middle of Persian Gulf
A natural aquarium in the middle of Persian Gulf

The local bazaar of Hengam island

The local bazaar of Hengam island is not like any other shopping center or even bazaar. This place is located on a beach and the products that you can find in this local shopping center are traditional products that belong to the culture and heritage of the island. you can purchase souvenirs and traditional handicrafts from this bazaar including spices or pieces of jewelry and accessories made from shells.

The local bazaar of Hengam island
The local bazaar of Hengam island

The mother and daughter rock

On a beach near Qil village of Hegam island, there are some big rocks in the shape of a human face. Their interesting shape has brought attention to this place and there are several narratives in the culture and folklore of this island. the locals believe that a mother and her daughter were running away from soldiers that attacked their homeland. This mother and daughter that were frightened prayed to god begging for mercy and in return, God turned them into rocks to save them and make them immortal.

What to do on Hengam island

The activities that you shouldn’t miss engaging in when you are in Hengam are:

Henna Tattooing

One of the most fun things you can do on Hengam island is get tattooed with henna by local artists. It is traditional for the local women of Hegam island to have Henna tattoos all the time; mostly on their hands. You can get these temporary tattoos on your body from local women artists and feel closer to their culture.

Henna Tattooing
Henna Tattooing

Scuba diving

Hengam is an island surrounded by the blue waters of Persian Gulf. Scuba diving and snorkeling are much more fun in the Persian Gulf because of its warm and clear water. This island provides a safe environment with experienced mentors to help you through the process.


Hengam is an island and a fun part of traveling to places located on coastlines is swimming and going to the beach. The clear and warm water of Persian Gulf is the perfect place for people who love swimming in the ocean. You can ask locals for the perfect swimming spots to lower the risk of danger.

Shopping at the local bazaar of Hengam island

The local bazaar of Hengam island is a fascinating bazaar that you might even consider this place an archeological museum or an exhibition about the culture of this island. The products that you can find in this bazaar are freshly caught fish, traditional oils, spices, or accessories made of shells that you can find on the coasts of the island.

Final Words about Hengam island

Hengam is a small island near Qeshm and all of its attractions are close to each other so you won’t be wasting your time on the way. If you are planning your trip and you are wondering about how many days are enough for exploring Hengam island your answer would be a whole day. It depends on you if you want to spend less or more time on this charming island but the suggested time is one day.

Please bear in mind that the perfect time for traveling to Hengam island is autumn.

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