Do You Need Travel Insurance for France?

Why Consider Travel Insurance for France?

France is a nation that has grabbed tourists’ hearts for years. It has a beautiful landscape, a fascinating history, art, and gastronomy.

Travel insurance, whether trip insurance or travel medical insurance, provides you with confidence while on the road. It reduces unanticipated expenses like medical crises, missing luggage, aircraft delays, or trip interruptions, letting you thoroughly enjoy your visit across France’s splendors.

Do we Need Travel Insurance for France?

Travel insurance is optional for visiting France unless you require a Schengen visa. Americans can stay without a ticket for 90 days after entering France with a valid passport.

Even though American travelers are not compelled to get travel insurance, you can still decide to do so. In the case of unforeseen trip cancellations or delays, travel insurance may be able to repay you for prepaid, nonrefundable fees (under certain conditions). The majority of insurance policies also cover loss, destruction, and theft of your luggage.

Travel Insurance for France
Travel Insurance for France

If you do not have medical travel insurance, the U.S. Department of State advises you to get travel insurance. If you need medical attention while on vacation, it could be pricey in France because there is no free health insurance for visitors. Suppose you want to engage in winter or water sports in the French Alps along the French Riviera. In that case, getting insurance coverage covering athletic accidents and injuries is a good idea.

How much travel insurance is necessary for France is another frequent query we receive from our customers. The response is similar in that purchasing travel insurance is not mandatory for Americans visiting France, but if you do, the amount you require will depend on your requirements.

There are many different types of policies, from simple to extensive, and even ones that let travelers “cancel for any reason.” Rates vary according to the provider, the coverage options, and the traveler’s information, such as age, health, the number of travelers, and other factors. At InsureMyTrip, we offer free quotations that let visitors evaluate options and buy policies in one handy spot.

Travel Insurance for a France Visa
Travel Insurance for a France Visa

How Do We Get Travel Insurance for a France Visa?

Since France is a member of the Schengen region, travelers may need to purchase particular travel insurance. Americans don’t need a Schengen Visa to go to France, despite the fact that many people from other nations do. Remember that the Schengen requirement may apply to you if you are a U.S. resident but not a citizen.

How much does travel insurance for France cost?

Your specific circumstances will determine the cost of your particular insurance.This includes information on your age, medical history, and even upcoming travel plans. For instance, you’ll have to spend a little extra if you want to go skiing or mountain climbing.

What will France’s travel insurance cover?

What to look for when comparing France travel insurance includes the following:

1. Medical care

Your insurance should cover all required medical care if you suffer an injury in an accident or get very unwell. If you need to be medically repatriated to the UK, it should also pay for those expenses.

Medical care
Medical care

2. Holiday cancellation

With cancellation insurance, you may get your money back if you have a good reason not to travel, such as an illness. To be sure you have enough coverage, total up the price of your flights, boat or rail tickets, accommodation, and any pre-arranged activities. Beware of curtailment insurance, which can shield you if similar circumstances force you to interrupt your holiday.

3. Flight cancellation

If your flight is canceled, you may be covered by some travel insurance policies, although there may be restrictions. Permanently save all documents, a timeline of events, and anything else useful if you need to claim if you are delayed.

4. Ferry cancellation

Watch out for ferry cover if you’re taking the boat from Dover to Calais. You may be protected if your boat trip is canceled due to weather, technical failure, or labor disputes.

Ferry cancellation
Ferry cancellation

5. Train cancellation

If you’re taking the Eurostar to Paris, watch for delayed or canceled trains.This could also provide protection in the event of a hit or a mechanical issue.

6. Damage, loss or theft of your luggage

The cost of replacing the items in your bag would soon rise after your electronics, jewelry, toiletries, and clothes were taken into account. Make sure your baggage coverage is sufficient to compensate you if you need to replace everything.

Coronavirus cover

It’s simple to compare COVID-19 coverage levels when you get a travel insurance quotation from us. Simply click the’more details’ link on the quotation results page.


What won’t my French travel insurance cover?

You should be on the lookout for a few things that your travel insurance most likely won’t cover, such as:

  • You haven’t informed your insurance company about any pre-existing medical problems. Any pre-existing conditions must be disclosed, and the provider will determine whether to provide you coverage and on what terms. However, it is not worth it to be economical with the truth in order to reduce the price.
  • Natural catastrophes – While it would take a lot of bad luck to encounter an earthquake while visi
  • ting France, climate change means that other occurrences like flooding and wildfires are occurring more frequently. They are still extremely rare, and the likelihood of you becoming involved in one is much lower. But even if you did, it’s doubtful that your travel insurance would provide coverage.
  • Terrorism – Though, as I said, these incidents are rare, France has occasionally been the target of terrorist attacks. See our terrorism and travel insurance articles for further information.
  • Drugs or alcohol – It’s unlikely that your insurance policy will cover accidents caused by drug or alcohol use.

What else should I consider when I choose my travel insurance?

Consider how you want to use your vacation. You might need to provide more coverage depending on what you’re working for:

Winter sports

Be aware that most insurance companies view skiing and snowboarding as high-risk hobbies if you want to join the thousands of other Britons traveling to the Alps for a day or two of these sports. You will need to add a second layer of security in the shape of winter sports coverage as normal travel insurance policies typically do not cover them.

Winter sports
Winter sports

Extreme sports

While you’re in France, why not do some rock climbing or bungee jumping? Sounds good. Just be sure you have extra insurance coverage for extreme sports.

Water sports

Then there are the activities at sea level. You’ll likely need to include water sports coverage in your travel insurance plan if you want to attempt surfing or paddle boarding while you’re in France.


Pack one of the most crucial items before you leave: travel insurance or travel medical coverage. Travel insurance can provide peace of mind if medical problems, travel delays, or other unforeseen events arise when organizing a vacation to France. You may be compensated by France travel insurance for missed connections, extended travel times, misplaced belongings, medical expenses, and more.

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