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Stade Raymond Kopa: A Football Fan's Guide

Originally named Stade Jean Bouin, Stade Raymond Kopa did not open until 1912. Before its 1957 renovation, the stadium was known as Stade Bessonneau and had an athletics track. Stade Jean Bouin was also the new name for the stadium at the time.

A new curving Colombier stand was built behind the goal in 1993 when Angers were promoted to Ligue 1. This stand was modeled after the one at Marseille’s Stade Velodrome, which was constructed a few years later.

The 2010s saw the latest wave of renovations at Stade Jean Bouin, beginning with the construction of a brand-new stand.

The city council of Angers, France, decided in March 2017 to change the stadium’s name to Stade Raymond Kopa in memory of Raymond Kopa, a former player for the club who had recently passed away.

Stade Raymond Kopa
Stade Raymond Kopa

Angers SCO, a team from the west of France, existed under the shadow of the city’s iconic castle while playing in Ligue 2. Nonetheless, les Scostes have recovered in recent years, and ever since their most recent promotion to the Ligue 1 in 2015, Angers has been a very consistent team. You can witness quality football for a reasonable price at its stadium, located midway between Paris and Nantes.

Even though Angers has been performing there for decades, its venue has undergone significant renovations in recent years. Stade Jean Bouin, as it was once known, has undergone gradual refurbishment. They are currently putting back together the new main stand.

It doesn’t appear like a football stadium from the outside; it looks like a tile showroom. Black and white chairs and four separate stands near the pitch make it seem less intimidating once inside. After the passing of Raymond Kopa, the club’s best player, in 2017, the stadium was renamed in his honor.

Stade Raymond Kopa, France
Stade Raymond Kopa, France

Who was Raymond Kopa?

In the 1950s, French football thrived, and Raymond Kopa was the first major star. Essentially, he was the forerunner to Zinédine Zidane. Most of his renown was earned while he was playing for Stade de Reims and Real Madrid with legends such as Di Stéfano, György Puskas, and Alfredo Gento.

He met his future wife while they were both young players at Angers, where he also began his professional career. His last resting place was there. Funeral services for the 1958 Ballon d’Or winner were held at the Cathédrale Saint-Maurice at Angers’s Place Monseigneur Chappouilie.

View of Stade Raymond Kopa
View of Stade Raymond Kopa

How to get to Stade Raymond Kopa?

The south-western section of Angers is home to Stade Raymond Kopa, which is around 2 kilometers from the heart of Angers. From the central cathedral to the stadium is roughly a half-hour walk.

Getting to the heart of the city from the central train station takes around half an hour on foot. The city of Angers is conveniently linked to the rest of France via train. There are several trains departing from Paris. It takes roughly 1.5 hours to make the trip.

You may also reach Stade Raymond Kopa by catching bus 2, 9, or 12.

Side-View of Stade Raymond Kopa
Side-View of Stade Raymond Kopa


Angers SCO plays its home games at Stade Raymond Kopa, formerly known as Le Stade Jean-Bouin. Every week, it welcomes thousands of football enthusiasts from Angers and the surrounding area to see a variety of matches. Whenever the stadium is packed with enthusiastic fans, it can hold 17,835 spectators. Watch your favorite players in action and cheer on your team as they try to win the game, and enjoy your time at Stade Raymond Kopa.

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