Stade des Costières: Nîmes Sporting Legacy

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In Nîmes, France, there existed a football stadium called Stade des Costières. The architects Vittorio Gregotti and Marc Chausse were responsible for creating this stadium of world standards. It contains auxiliary sports facilities in each of the four corners and has a capacity for 20,000 spectators, including 12,000 undercovers.

The architects decided to construct an English-style stadium in 1989 for rugby and football. The audience is extremely near to the field. The Parnasse, a nearby sports facility created by the same architects as the stadium, completes the sports complex.

About Nîmes

The city of Nîmes is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Three Vence Mountains. With an estimated population estimated to be 50,000 and 60,000, Nîmes once served as one of the Roman Empire’s major cities. The Square House and the Nimes Arena Stadium are two very significant works related to the Roman Empire, and for these reasons, Nimes; Rome is called France.

Costieres Stadium, France
Costieres Stadium, France

History and description

The French and Dutch national teams played in a friendly international at Stade des Costières on February 15, 1989, to mark the stadium’s formal opening. A league match between Nîmes and Marseille attracted 25,051 people, breaking the previous record for attendance established in the 1991–92 season.

How to get to Stade des Costieres?

Just over 2 kilometers from Nîmes’s old district and the major train station is the stadium known as Stade des Costières, which is situated on the southern fringe of the city. Despite the stadium being within a short distance of the center of Nîmes, taking a bus from the Amphitheatre or major train station is an option.

Get off the bus at stop Costieres, which is just in front of the stadium, heading in the direction of Mas de Vignolles. The trip just takes ten minutes and buses operate frequently. Trambus T1 is an option that stops just in front of the stadium and can be taken from the Amphitheatre. At stop Costières, exit.

Stade des Costières
Stade des Costières

Nimes Olympique Tickets

Online, at the club store located at 44 Boulevard Victor Hugo in the heart of Nîmes, or on game day at the Stade des Costieres ticket booths, fans may purchase tickets for Nîmes Olympique matches. Tickets for places in the terraces behind the goal cost €5, places in the south stand €15, and seats in the north stand €25.

Closure and redevelopment

Nîmes Olympique defeated Bordeaux 1-0 in Ligue 2 in its final game at the Stade des Costières on November 5, 2022. The team would temporarily relocate to the Stade des Antonins until the Stade des Costières was demolished to make room for the construction of the Stade Nemausus, which is scheduled to be finished in 2026.

View of Stade des Costières
View of Stade des Costières


Stade des Costières is a soccer stadium in Nimes, France. This 1989-built stadium, which has a seating capacity of 18,364, is regarded as the home field of the semi-Olympic football club.

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