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Tourists should know: Star Tours in Disneyland, Paris, France

Based on George Lucas’s famous Star Wars film series, Star Tours was a motion simulator ride at numerous Disney theme parks. The Star Wars-themed attraction took visitors on a side journey to Endor while they were involved in a fight between the New Republic and an Imperial Remnant. The interest had Captain “Rex” RX-24 in addition to R2-D2 and C-3PO, who are regulars on the show.

At various Disney theme parks, a motion simulator attraction called Star Tours was based on George Lucas’ renowned Star Wars film series. Visitors to the Star Wars-themed attraction were immersed in a battle between the New Republic and an Imperial Remnant as they made their way to Endor. Along with R2-D2 and C-3PO, recurring characters on the show, the interest included Captain “Rex” RX-24.

The 2010 closure of the ride at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios was necessary to make way for Star Tours – The Adventures Continue, the ride’s replacement. On May 20, 2011, the last location was finished. The original ride’s 29-year run ended when Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris closed their versions in 2012 and 2016 for conversion.

The Introduction & history of Star Tours

A proposal for an attraction based on the 1979 Disney live-action movie The Black Hole is where Star Tours first emerged. Visitors would have been able to select the path for this interactive ride-simulation attraction. The Black Hole attraction, however, was abandoned after initial preparation because of its high cost and the poor reception of the movie.

View of Star Tours in Disneyland, Paris
View of Star Tours in Disneyland, Paris

The firm chose to exploit a relationship between Disney and Star Wars creator George Lucas that dates back to 1986 with the debut of Captain EO, a 3-D musical film starring Michael Jackson, at the California park instead of entirely discarding the idea of a simulator. Then Disney approached Lucas with the Star Tours concept. Lucas gave the go-ahead for Disney Imagineers to construct the rollercoaster framework and buy four $500,000 per military-grade flying simulators.

A Ride at the Star Tours

You’ll be taking a tour of Endor’s moon. Additionally, you’ll be taking a Star Tours flight. What appears to be a tranquil journey quickly turns bad. C3PO is your pilot, and he’s not the best at flying. As soon as you start moving, a member of the Dark Sideโ€”like Kylo Renโ€”will appear. He’s looking for a Rebel Spy who may be on your aircraft. Of course, C3PO will take off as quickly as possible to escape the villain.

You can visit some movie locales while you’re in the air. May, no flight is the same because the sequences are created randomly (or should be). You will always go to two sites, such as the Ewok woodland or Batuu, which is where Star Wars land is located in US theme parks. This makes the trip extra enjoyable for thrill-coaster enthusiasts and Star Wars fans.

A Ride at the Star Tours
A Ride at the Star Tours


It’s a simulator that moves a lot inside a dim environment. Some people are unable to handle this and will have motion sickness. Even though I’ve been on some of the world’s most stunning rollercoasters, it still happens to me.

Some Development at the Star Tours of Paris

Disney started preparing to update Star Tours in 1998 in anticipation of the debut of the new prequel trilogy’s first film, Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, in 1999. The Boonta Eve Classic Podrace on Tatooine would be the destination for future flights. The queue line droids would work on engines and pod race parts, while Captain Rex would still be included in the updated edition.

Additionally, this version would be in 3D and feature spectacles that looked like Anakin Skywalker’s glasses. However, a significant situation existed. Because the two following films will have new cast members and settings, switching the plot to concentrate on Episode, I would quickly render the attraction obsolete. Before redesigning Star Tours, officials opted to wait until 2003, when Revenge of the Sith production got underway.

The exterior of Paris Star Tours in Disneyland
The exterior of Paris Star Tours in Disneyland

Star Tours II is developing, according to Star Wars creator George Lucas, who announced this at Star Wars Celebration III at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis in April 2005. In May 2009, /Film stated that West Hollywood, California was the location for the Star Tours remake.

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