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An Introdution of Maison de Victor Hugo

One of the most outstanding and distinctive museums in this city is Victor Hugo’s residence in Paris. Due to the fact that this location showcases a portion of this renowned author’s life, many tourists are drawn to see its many sections. This hotel is one of the 14 museums of the city of Paris, which is managed by the Public Administrative Institute of the Museums of Paris since January 1, 2013. Victor Hugo was not only a well-known author of popular books like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Les Misรฉrables; he was also a well-known poet and artist.

Victor Hugo’s House is a unique museum in Paris, which is located at No. 6, Place des Vosges, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The well-known French author and politician Victor Hugo rented an apartment on the second floor of this hotel from the 17th century in 1832. Rohan-Guemene, which overlooked the Place Royale (now Place Vosges), leased it for sixteen years from 1832 to 1848.

He started living in this apartment while writing poems, stories, and plays. He moved into this house right after the publication of the Hunchback of Notre Dame novel. Many of his famous books, including The Poor, were written in this house. The thirty-year-old man was a writer as well as a movement leader “Romanticism” was known. He is with Adele Fouchรฉ, his childhood love, He was married and had four children, and he stayed with them in this apartment.

Victor Hugo's house in Paris
Victor Hugo’s house in Paris

The layout of Victor Hugo’s Paris house

The design of Victor Hugo’s home in Paris is one of the most significant and popular themes for many visitors. All over this structure, you can notice the red decorations, which are quite traditional and fashionable. Remember that this home’s walls are covered with amazing and one-of-a-kind creations by this artist, and admiring them will provide you with many delightful moments.

Many people are interested in visiting Victor Hugo’s mansion in Paris because of the lighting systems and very antique and unusual lamps and chandeliers. If you have any questions about the artifacts and design of Victor Hugo’s house in Paris, you can obtain the answers from the tourist guides and have a pleasant and enjoyable journey for yourself.

A portion of the museum’s equipment was contributed by Hugo’s close friend and Editor Paul Morris, and further equipment was gathered and donated by Hugo’s grandkids. Ultimately, they presented a museum in this home, which has three stages of development. It depicts Victor Hugo’s life (before exile, during exile and after exile).

The layout of Victor Hugo's Paris house
The layout of Victor Hugo’s Paris house

The front room and the red room (reception room) are from the author’s residency era in this house, and they remind him of his young recollections and romanticism. The dining room and china room he created for Juliette Drouet, his longterm partner, in Guernsey, are included in the exile section. The living room he used during his exile as well, the bedroom where he passed away in 1885 on Paris’s Rue Aiillo are included in the portion of the era after the exile.

There are more than 18,000 handwritten letters in this house museum, which tourists can visit and get to know more about the personality of this precious writer. Most of the letters are related to family correspondence, but among them there are also some work and love letters. It is good to know that now about 4175 pages of Victor Hugo’s letters are available on the museum’s official website. Visiting Victor Hugo’s house will introduce you to the inner and private world of this person, which is attractive to many of his fans.

The Best Time to Visit Victor Hugo’s House in Paris

Making the New Year holiday a priority will allow you to visit Victor Hugo’s home in Paris as soon as possible. Create one of the greatest and most memorable excursions and visits for yourself in this way. Of course, a lot of visitors think that any time of year is ideal and acceptable for visiting Victor Hugo’s home in Paris. In accordance with your circumstances, you may also select the ideal and most convenient time to see this famous Parisian landmark, ensuring that your trip will be a success.

The Time Required To Visit Victor Hugo’s House in Paris

Victor Hugo’s mansion is a popular tourist destination in Paris, and it can be seen in the finest and most efficient manner in one to two hours. Of course, you are welcome to take as much time as you like exploring the many areas of this home. If you want to capture the greatest moments in Victor Hugo’s Parisian home for yourself, you can do so by bringing a professional camera with you. You can use the camera to take stunning photos to compile a travel album and end your trip.

Victor Hugo's house in Paris, France
Victor Hugo’s house in Paris, France

Access to Victor Hugo’s house in Paris

One of the most important points that has attracted the attention of many tourists is the exact address of Victor Hugo’s house in Paris. You can have the right access to this attraction in the shortest possible time. You can easily visit Paris by following the tourist signs to Victor Hugo’s house. You can also have the exact address of Victor Hugo’s house in Paris as: Maison de Victor Hugo, Place des Vosges.

Visiting Victor Hugo’s house in Paris with a tour of France

Today, many tour operators are looking for the best and most unique tours to France in order to cover the demand in the tourism market. Victor Hugo’s Parisian home is a top priority for many tourist groups that aim to provide their customers the greatest and most memorable experiences. It should be noted that you can simply see Victor Hugo’s residence in Paris by taking one of the greatest French tourist tours and learning a lot about it. Also bear in mind that by signing up for one of the greatest sightseeing excursions in this city, you may see Victor Hugo’s Paris home without worrying about when is the best time to travel.

View of Victor Hugo's house
View of Victor Hugo’s house

The Closest Hotels to Victor Hugo’s House in Paris

Today, a lot of visitors search for the greatest and most distinctive hotels close to Victor Hugo’s house in Paris in order to have a spectacular and opulent stay and to have much easier access to this site and other attractions close by. By booking one of the most opulent and fashionable hotels, you can not only get easier access but also take use of exclusive amenities and services that will make your stay extremely enjoyable and memorable. The following are some of the hotels in Paris that are most convenient to Victor Hugo’s home:

  1. hotel modern st germain
  2. hotel belloy
  3. hotel baudin
  4. new hotel le Voltaire
Interior of Victor Hugo's house
Interior of Victor Hugo’s house

The Closest Restaurants to Victor Hugo’s House in Paris

The Victor Hugo residence in Paris is adjacent to a number of lavish and magnificent restaurants. It is quite useful for tourists and travelers as they can immediately walk to one of the closest restaurants and try one of the city’s most mouthwatering delicacies. The restaurants in Paris that are closest to Victor Hugo’s house are as follows:

  1. virtus Restaurant
  2. le train bleu Restaurant
  3. la รฉclair de genie Restaurant
  4. baieta Restaurant
The Closest Restaurants to Victor Hugo's House in Paris
The Closest Restaurants to Victor Hugo’s House in Paris

The Closest Tourist Attractions to Victor Hugo’s House in Paris

Victor Hugo’s house in Paris, being close to other tourist attractions in Paris, has attracted the attention of many tourists. Among the most important and closest houses of Victor Hugo in Paris, we can mention the following:

  1. Bastille Square, Paris
  2. Museum of Magic
  3. Aligre Market
  4. Cathรฉdrale Notre-Dame de Paris
  5. Sainte-Chapelle Church
  6. Pont Neuf
  7. Panthรฉon
  8. Botanical garden
  9. Rue Mouffetard Market
  10. The Centre Pompidou
The Closest Tourist Attractions to Victor Hugo's House in Paris
The Closest Tourist Attractions to Victor Hugo’s House in Paris

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