Shop, Dine, Indulge: Italie Deux Mall in Paris, France

Experience the perfect blend of shopping, dining, and indulgence at Italie two.

The stylish capital of France, Paris, is home to a wide variety of shopping opportunities. Everything has its place, from classic department stores to neighborhoods filled with unique businesses. Anything you might want, from runway-ready fashions to gourmet treats, can be found here.

One of the most famous shopping centers in Paris is the Italie two shopping Centre and today we are going to introduce this beautiful place so if you love shopping and are interested in learning about the beautiful shopping centers in the most glamorous Capital of the world, keep reading.

Introduction of Italie Deux Mall

Italie Deux has over 140 stores and 50 restaurants, making it a great destination for shoppers. The contemporary center is a great place to kill a few hours in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, close to the Place d’Italie.

View of Italie Deux Mall
View of Italie Deux Mall

The renowned French department store Printemps can be found in Italie Deux, along with other stores selling international labels. It has three floors filled with a wide variety of merchandise, from clothing to electronics to furnishings. Several cafés, bakeries, and the laid-back Iconik food court are available for those times when you just want a cappuccino or a quick bite to eat. There are also numerous holiday-themed celebrations to attend throughout the year.

The Italie two shopping mall is located in the 13th arrondissement, which is the southeast section of Paris. Within the limits of the boulevard périphérique, the unofficial ring road of Paris, this shopping mall stands as the largest in the area. This is because, with the exception of Galleries Lafayette Montparnasse, which is located in a small retail center of around 10 businesses at the base of Tour Montparnasse, none of the other locations in Paris that include a department store are located within a shopping center.

The Renovation

Hammerson purchased the 130-store Rive-Gauche shopping center in 1998 and has since given it a full makeover. Italy two’s Makeover is a very exciting architectural endeavor, with a new lounge and modern universe spread out across the entire exhibition space. The mall’s ceilings were redesigned to make the space feel less confining and more open. Collars in various red hues are included. The mall may not have grown much taller, but the lighting has been greatly enhanced, making it easier on the eyes.

Exterior of Italie Deux Mall
Exterior of Italie Deux Mall

More legible signs and flags have been put, and the soil has been improved. The architects Outsign were responsible for the mall’s new, sleek appearance. The mall’s layout was planned to include additional artwork along the way, such as mosaic flooring and captivating windows, to make the journey more enjoyable.

all in all, whether you are going to shop from luxury brands, or are just looking to purchase some groceries and have some coffee, Italie two is a great choice to spend a beautiful afternoon in.

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