How Much Does It Cost to travel to France?

plan the perfect Paris vacation by breaking down all the costs involved

The City of Lights, Paris, never makes the cut when it comes to lists of cheap vacation spots. Costs may quickly add up in Paris; we get that.

It is possible to visit Paris without breaking the bank. On the other hand, whether you’re on a honeymoon or a romantic break, there will be moments when you want to indulge and times when you want to save.

We can help you out in any direction. We are here to help you to reduce costs on planning a trip to France and get the most you can out of it!

It’s not necessary to empty your bank account to enjoy a champagne boat down the Seine. If you’re prepared and use some common sense, you can see the best of France without breaking the bank.

Many of France’s delights may be enjoyed for little to no cost, whether you’re interested in indulging in the delectable food and wine for which the country is justly famed, touring the varied and stunning countryside, or taking a leisurely stroll through a lively metropolis or lovely French town.


The greatest deals on airfare to the rest of France may usually be found by arriving in Paris, the country’s main airport. There are three airports serving Paris, but if you are traveling from the United States, you will likely use Charles de Gaulle. The majority of flights to France will require a layover in Paris, although the country is home to a number of other airports.


The most costly times to fly are on the weekends, over the holidays, and during the peak travel season (summer months for France). Plan your purchases around these periods to save money.


All around the country, you may have delicious food for a price that is not only economical but also reasonable. It is possible to spend a lot of money on meals at fancy restaurants, but this is not necessary.

Local markets and bakeries are great places to find authentic French cuisine. Bread, meats, cheeses, fruits, and even baked products like quiche may all be purchased for a few euros. You may also dine out on a budget because many cafés have reasonably priced meals (less than 10 euros) such as sandwiches, crepes, and salads.


Finding a place to stay in France is similar to searching for airfare. Prices tend to increase on weekends, holidays, and during the peak travel season. As luck would have it, travelers visiting France may pick from a wide variety of low-cost accommodation options. Accommodations, from affordable motels to five-star palaces, and everything in between, may be found in every major city in France.



France’s public transportation system makes it simple to travel around the country and its cities. You may travel across the nation on trains, and inside cities, you can take the metro, buses, or even just your feet to move around.

The total amount you spend on public transportation in France will be determined by your final destination(s). You may save money by limiting your travel to a single region rather than scattering it across the country.


Visiting attractions

The cost of attractions is another variable that relies heavily on the individual’s preferences. Those who want to stroll around and take in the sights on foot will not spend as much on attractions as museum lovers.

But if you’re willing to spend a little money, France (and particularly Paris) offers a number of fantastic paid attractions. The Paris Museum Pass is your best bet if you plan to visit several museums and monuments in Paris. You may also avoid waiting in long lineups at popular attractions by purchasing tickets in advance.

Visiting attractions of France
Visiting attractions of France

Some tips for a budget-friendly trip to France

How much money you’ll need for a trip to France depends in part on where you choose to stay. Prices in major cities like Paris will be higher than in more rural areas. As a result, plan financially carefully if that’s an issue. You don’t have to spend the night in Paris to enjoy the city.

You may visit France at any time of the year. However, your plans may need to be flexible. It’s preferable to visit the beaches of Southern France in the summer. Naturally, you should visit during the winter months if you wish to ski in the mountains. In our opinion, the best times to travel are during the spring and fall shoulder seasons, when the weather is pleasant, but the crowds of summer vacationers have yet to arrive.

You can get by with just one room for the whole family. When booking a hotel room for a family, it is more cost-effective to request a double room with two beds rather than a triple room. Rental homes are the most cost-effective option for families of four or more, and if you book in advance, you’ll have plenty of options.

Keep in mind that many attractions may remove entry fees if you can verify that you are a student, a young person, or over 60 years old, so bear in mind to travel with your ID if you are one of these groups!

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