Step into the Enchanting World of Shanghai Disneyland

Celebrate Chinese Culture with Disney Magic at Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai is one of the most exciting and beautiful cities in China, which after Beijing, is the main destination for tourists in this country. Shanghai Disneyland can be considered one of the attractions of Shanghai, China. This entertainment attraction is something like Disneyland Paris and if you plan to visit it, you can get enough information from its different parts in this text. Shanghai’s sights have always been particularly attractive for tourists, Shanghai Disneyland can be said to be a complex that both children and adults enjoy visiting.

Disneyland is built in the Chuansha New Town of Pudong New Area. Disneyland is one of the happy parts of the world that can attract the attention of every tourist. Different parts of the park, holding interesting and attractive programs and having different and numerous records are among the attractions of this part of Shanghai city. What this Disneyland has more than other similar structures been the presence of Chinese authenticity in its architecture and various parts. You can also see interesting and attractive fictional characters in this park. Stay with us until the end of the text to provide you with good information about this amazing attraction.

Why is it recommended to visit Shanghai Disneyland?

  • This collection has different sections; hours of visiting are not enough, and you will want to spend more time.
  • This collection is made in such a way that both children and adults like to explore and enjoy it.
  • There are seven themes in its different parks where you can take pictures and see different fictional characters in realistically recreated scenes.
  • There are also shopping places and restaurants in this complex.
View of Shanghai Disneyland
View of Shanghai Disneyland

The history of Shanghai Disneyland

The construction of Shanghai Disneyland started in 2009 with a huge investment. At first, according to the forecasts, this park was supposed to be completely built-in 2015, but its construction lasted until 2016. This project is in collaboration with Disney and Shendi Shanghai Group. This tourism project was built with a capital of 700 million dollars.

Amusements and different parts of Shanghai Disneyland

Shanghai Disneyland has an area of 116 hectares. In different parts of Disneyland, you can see symbols of cartoon characters and the original architecture of Shanghai. This park has the first theme with a pirate design, which can be of interest to enthusiasts.

There are a total of 7 themes in this park you can capture memorable moments for yourself and your companions by walking and taking pictures in these parks. Disneyland has the tallest castle among the Disneylands in the world. Many imaginative paintings can also be seen on its walls. This park has sculptures of various cartoons and fictional characters. The castle in this park is also very attractive from a distance and seeing it can be very interesting for young and old. The different parts of this park are:

Amusements and different parts of Shanghai Disneyland
Amusements and different parts of Shanghai Disneyland

Mickey ‎Avenue

Mickey Mouse is the first and most famous character of Walt Disney that you pass by as soon as you enter Shanghai Disneyland Park. When you want to pass the entrance gate of the street, you will see fountains in the shape of Mickey’s steamboat on both sides, which are very interesting and spectacular. The cartoon character Mickey Mouse and his friends will welcome you. Meanwhile, this street is not only an imaginary space but a very busy market full of Chinese and foreign tourists.

You will see tourists worldwide buying Chinese goods and souvenirs, and even deli and snack shops are among them. Cartoon characters walk along the street and if you like, you can take pictures with them.

Gardens of Imagination

The imaginary garden of Shanghai Disneyland is the main part of this park. In this park, there are bridges and paths that connect its seven areas. One of the attractions in this park is the ladder that you can stand on and see the scenes of the show that are performed inside the castle. If you are interested in Chinese movies and comics, you can find the 12 characters of the Chinese zodiac on a wall and take pictures with them.

One of the special facilities in this park is the old carousel full of nostalgia, which is free for foreign tourists to ride.

Gardens of Imagination
Gardens of Imagination


The largest theme park in Shanghai Disneyland is called Wonderland. The tallest, largest, and most attractive castle we mentioned before is on this land. This is the first Disney Park where children and tourists can join cartoon characters like Snow White on the castle’s top floor. If you look out from the windows of the castle, you can see the fields and forests around the castle.

Where Snow White disappears and hides, you will even find a part of the forest that is the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine. You can enter the mine and join the seven dwarfs and even go to their house. Another space designed in Shanghai Disneyland is the Hundred Arch Wooden House of Winnie the Pooh.

One of the most attractive parts of this park is the river that takes you to the land of ice and the crystal cave full of ice sculptures.

Adventure Isle

If you like adventure and exciting pirate stories, we suggest you go to Adventure Island, home to a newly discovered ancient tribe. A very mysterious place is full of hidden treasures that you can discover. Go to the discovery camp and become an adventurer who wants to discover the unknown and the hidden treasures inside the island. Jump into ghost ships or other ships. You can even enter the scary nature inside the islands.

You can ride in wagons similar to mine coal wagons and move on a rotating rail. Go around a mountain with a high waterfall and finally speed into a river that takes you to dark caves with giant and mysterious monsters. Boating in such an exciting route and new spaces will be a memorable experience for you. With this trip to China and entering Shanghai Disneyland Park, experience this city with a different feeling.

Adventure Isle
Adventure Isle

Treasure Cove

Another theme park that is very attractively designed and attracts children and especially adults who love storytelling is Treasure Cove. Here you will encounter the first pirate park in Shanghai Disneyland, which also has two giant wooden ships. The pirate restaurant and its water amusement area are one of the most popular attractions in the amusement park.

You can form groups of several people and search for sunken treasure in an area designed in the form of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. A covered and attractive space that amuses every tourist so much that he eventually gets tired and goes to the pirate restaurant to drink fresh fruit juice.

Along the way, you will meet other brave pirates, beautiful mermaids, and even the scary Kraken or giant octopus. If you are interested in other pirate movies, you can go to see a fascinating and spectacular show called “The Eye of the Storm Game” with Captain Jack. Captain Jack’s humorous games and fights with other pirates create happy and funny scenes for every tourist.


If you are interested in future worlds and technology, we suggest you go to‏ Tomorrowland‏. An area in Shanghai Disneyland Park where you will see all the top technologies of the future with its endless possibilities and everything that exists in science fiction movies. In this park, you will experience the game program of saving the planet with lightsabers and shooting enemies.

This park’s environment is like something out of a science fiction film, filled with LED screens and fun game consoles that you may use to take out and kill foes. If you board the flying planes, you will see a complete view of the whole complex of Shanghai Disneyland Park. Also, a part of the collection has been dedicated to Star Wars Park and Marvel’s Mapitan. A place where you can visit the characters and symbolic heroes of Star Wars and take pictures with them.


Toy Park

You must have seen the cartoon Toyland. In this section, you will find large sculptures of toys and cartoon characters, which are important and attractive for children and adults. You can also shop from the shops in this part of the park.

How to get to Shanghai Disneyland

You can go to Disneyland by both bus and subway. Bus lines 50, 51, and 52 can take you near this place. Subway line 11 can also be suitable for you to go to Shanghai Disneyland.

Restaurants and Hotels at Shanghai Disneyland Park

Entering any of the seven theme parks within Shanghai Disneyland, charming restaurants, shops and dining halls serve the most delicious snacks, snacks, and meals. So you don’t have to travel a long and crowded distance between the parks to get food. You can also bring packed food and mineral water bottles with you when entering the park.

Restaurants and Hotels at Shanghai Disneyland Park
Restaurants and Hotels at Shanghai Disneyland Park

Note: Bringing mineral water bottles and glass drinks to Shanghai Disneyland Park is forbidden.

For souvenirs, go to the colorful souvenir shops with all kinds of toys and dolls, colorful rings, bracelets, watches, and other souvenirs.

Families visiting this resort will find two themed hotels. Hotels named “Shanghai Disneyland Hotel” and “Toy Story Hotel”. If you make a room reservation in these hotels, you will get a schedule of several free visits to the resort and Shanghai Disneyland Park.

Disney town Mall

Apart from these shops, outside the park, Disney Town is located. Disney Town is actually a very large shopping center full of shops, restaurants, and other entertainment.

Another entertainment and attraction that has a lot of demand in Shanghai Disneyland are the Walt Disney Grand Theater, where various shows are performed.

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