An Immersive Experience of Beijing’s Haiyangguan Aquarium

Walking Through a Underwater Tunnel: An Up-Close Encounter with Sea Creatures

Despite being open for almost 24 years, Haiyangguan Aquarium is still one of the biggest of its kind in the world. It has gained worldwide recognition as the largest aquarium ever constructed on the land. The Haiyangguan Beijing Aquarium is one of the city’s top attractions nowadays, and every traveler has been there at least once.

Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium on land

As we noted above, the Haiyangguan Aquarium, which opened in Beijing in 1999, is still unmatched in terms of scale and is regarded as the largest man-made aquarium on land. The Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium houses a diverse assortment of animals and aquatic species. Although this complex has grown to be one of Beijing’s most significant and popular tourist destinations, its builders had another reason for building it in addition to tourism. Those who developed the Haiyangguan Aquarium in Beijing envisioned it as a massive, broad, and rich resource for the study and research of marine and animal scientists and researchers.

It is precisely for this reason that this aquarium is very important both in terms of its attraction and in terms of science. Among the interesting points about this Chinese aquarium is that the underwater world that this aquarium displays is interesting and captivating for both adults and children and teenagers. Therefore, we can confidently say that Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium is suitable and attractive for any age group.

Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium, the world's largest aquarium on land
Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium on land

Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium attractions

In order to recreate and showcase its enormous underwater environment, Haiyangguan Aquarium was able to assemble a sizable collection of various fish, mammals, and aquatic creatures of various sorts. Also, it will coincide with the overall good fortune of the populace, including both locals and visitors. Children can attend a variety of educational sessions at Beijing’s Haiyangguan Aquarium to learn more about the aquatic animal kingdom in accordance with their studies and the science camp that has been organized for them.

This enormous aquarium has consistently ranked among the top attractions in surveys of both visitors and Chinese citizens on different Chinese landmarks. Many species of fish swim within the interior of this aquarium’s very long tunnels, which are arranged in the upper section of the tank in the shape of a large semicircle. Many who have gone to this aquarium have described being there and walking among the fish as very special.

An interesting point about the fish kept in this aquarium is that among these fish, sharks are also seen. Of course, there are dolphins among these animals. It should be mentioned that the display conditions for dolphins in this collection are slightly different from other animals in this collection. In this aquarium, dolphins are brought to the outdoor pool complex from 11 am to 3 pm, and they are shown to the public by performing a show. This show is one of the most popular programs that are performed at Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium for the public. It can be safely said that Haiyangguan Aquarium is one of the places that fans and lovers of nature and animals welcome. It is interesting to know that due to the reception of Haiyangguan Aquarium in Beijing, they built a large zoo next to it, which was not as well received as this aquarium.

Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium
Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium

Attractions around Beijing Haiyangguan Aquarium

Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square in China is allegedly the largest plaza in the country. There are several attractions in this Chinese Plaza, which is in the heart of Beijing, that were constructed while numerous Chinese rulers ruled the country. From this square you can go to most of the different parts of Beijing.

The Capital Museum

The Beijing Capital Museum is one of the largest and, without a doubt, most fascinating Chinese museums. It is situated in Beijing, the nation’s capital, and, ironically, bears the same name. This museum’s intriguing and evident feature is that it combines the modernism of the new Chinese society with the traditions of ancient Chinese society. This museum houses a sizable collection of well-known and traditional Chinese clothing, as well as other significant Chinese artifacts, dishes, statues, and other historical artifacts from the city.

Haiyangguan Aquarium in Beijing, China
Haiyangguan Aquarium in Beijing, China


After exploring the Haiyangguan Aquarium in Beijing, it’s time to visit the older parts of Beijing and get to know the traditional Chinese society. Hutong is one of those old parts of Beijing that still retains its old texture. So, if you go to this part of the city during your trip to Beijing, you will fully understand what kind of houses the Chinese have been living in since long ago. Everything from the shape of shops, roads, houses and even alleys are traditional and old. It is interesting to know that the residents of this street are allowed to renovate the interior of their houses, but they are not allowed to touch the exterior of their houses.

Beihai Park

Beihai Park is one of the interesting parks and attractions of this city, which was the residence of Chinese emperors in the winter season in different periods of history! Although it is called a park, this park has a historical background and is considered a part of Chinese history. This park is in such a way that most of its volume is taken up by the lake, and therefore you have the possibility to use the tourist space created by this lake and enjoy the space around you while boating.

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