A Guide to the Top 12 China National Parks

Experience China's Natural Wonders: A Journey Through the 12 Most Attractive National Parks

When one thinks of China, national parks are probably not the first thing that springs to mind. However, the country is home to nearly 200 distinct national parks. The Chinese government has made a concerted effort in recent years to develop the national park system. Mostly to mitigate pollution, safeguard natural resources, and protect the epidemic animals that reside inside these zones.

Because of its vastness, China is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries. As a result, these national parks provide an incredible variety of plant and animal life, unusual geological structures, and breathtaking rivers.

The Most 12 Beautiful National Parks in China

China’s national parks are also sites of significant historical preservation. These national parks contain relics from the past, religious sites, and spiritual monuments that remind tourists of China‘s lengthy history in a pleasantly natural setting.

We’ll show you the best 12 scenic national parks in China in this article.

  1. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
  2. Jiuzhaigou National Park
  3. Guilin Lijiang National Park
  4. Huangshan National Park
  5. Shilin National Park
  6. Emeishan National Park
  7. Huanglong National Park
  8. Sanqingshan National Park
  9. Potatso National Park
  10. West Lake National Park
  11. Lushan National Park
  12. Huangguoshu National Park

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

This outstanding national park is well-known for its one-of-a-kind, breathtaking beauty. It is made up of massive sandstone pillars, abundant fauna, and lush foliage. Evergreen bushes cling to the sandstone pinnacles’ sides as they soar higher. 98% of the park is covered in natural vegetation, which is home to over 150 different types of wildlife, including endangered species like the rhesus monkey, golden pheasant, giant salamander and musk deer.

The park has numerous streams, waterways, and valleys that can be explored, which only enhances its beauty. There is really no other put-on earth very like Zhangjiajie Public Park.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Jiuzhaigou National Park

This national park is indeed a natural marvel. The natural environment is spectacular, with gushing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, and limestone hills. It is located on the Tibetan Himalayan Plateau and is part of the Min Shan Mountain range.

In commemoration of the Tibetans who dwell nearby, the park’s name translates to “nine villages.” As a result, the park contains several Tibetan sites of worship that are linked to the natural terrain. Jiuzhaigou is also home to a variety of endangered creatures, including China’s black and white pandas, the Sichuan golden monkey, and the takin.

Guilin Lijiang National Park

Guilin Lijiang National Park is different anyplace different on soil. Located in pertaining to the south China, it is individual of the country’s most common traveler goals. From the Lijiang River, guests are discussed to extraordinary vistas of the karst formations that Guilin is legendary for. Each hilltop was likely a name apiece old Chinese established what they seen the establishment expected like.

This developed in fun-loving names to a degree Elephant Trunk Hill, Cock-Fighting Hill, and Dragons Head Hill. A common Chinese proverb states, “that Guilins surroundings is best between all under paradise”, and many callers likely to concur. Likewise, skilled are succession of legendary caves to investigate inside the boundaries of the park.

Guilin Lijiang National Park
Guilin Lijiang National Park

Huangshan National Park

Huangshan is a very fitting name for this national park, as it means yellow mountains. The brightly colored mountain range is made up of steep granite peaks, which are shrouded in pine trees. Many of these trees seem to be barely holding on.

The park has captured the imagination of countless artists over the past few centuries, especially water and ink painters, and continues to do so today. Many of these artists have declared the Huangshan Mountain range as the loveliest in China. Hot springs are another feature of the park, which offer thrilling views. Although the landscape changes with each season, the park never loses its unique charm.

Shilin National Park

This supernaturaly protected area is popular for its allure ‘rock jungle’. Many of the park’s wild rock formations appear hardened timbers, that present the park’s allure style. There are continual ways chief about the park, and the various fowl growth that call the park home.

The most legendary grain of all is ‘Ashima mineral’. Legend has it that a fascinating lady of the Yi People, be antagonistic toward something grain inside the woodland when she operated external home. She acted so when she found that her persons would not permit her to wed officer of the law she desired. Aside from the rock jungle, caves, reservoirs, and waterfalls fill the park.

Shilin National Park
Shilin National Park

Emeishan National Park

This supernatural protected area is popular for allure ‘rock jungle’. Many of the parks wild rock formations appear hardened timbers, that present the park allure style. There are continual ways chief about the park, and various fowl growth that call the park home.

The most legendary grain of all is ‘Ashima mineral’. Legend has it that a fascinating lady of the Yi People, be antagonistic toward something grain inside the woodland when she operated external home. She acted so when she found that her persons would not permit her to wed officer of the law she desired. Aside from the rock jungle, caves, reservoirs, and waterfalls fill the park.

Huanglong National Park

This protected area is really distinguished. Its facial characteristics a succession of brilliant, hardened pools and pools tucked ‘tween ridge canyon and thick woodlands. The pools themselves are wonderfully draped in banner of aqua, deep depression, and powerful yellows.

The water that fills the pools, runs lower the encircling snow, and cliff ranges. Caves and waterfalls can too be investigated inside the park. As well as two legendary Taoist churches: Back and Ancient Temple. Sometimes the encircling mountain system is exceeded accompanying snowstorm, that only increases the parks previously marvelous beautiful.

Huanglong National Park
Huanglong National Park

Sanqingshan National Park

The muted silver in color peaks and mainstays that form the countryside concerning this magnificent protected area are different materialistic. Intermixed accompanying ruling class are woods, spacious gorge, and waterfalls. The three main summits of Mount Sanqing, the parks title given to something, are famous as the ‘individual pures’. They show the Taoist trio: Yuhua, Yushui, and Yujing. As such the park has existed a place of expedition for Chinese Taoists for over 1500 age.

Ancient shrines, and evidences dot the countryside of the alternatively unrefined scene. Over 2000 types of world variety populate present, containing old rhododendrons that surreally cover the volcanos in May and June.

Potatso National Park

Potatso was the first protected area originated in shore China. It is saluted for allure singular environmental composition that is containing two reservoirs, rolling pastures, thickets and swamp lands. Wild yaks are visualized indolently browsing about the park, as are untamed foals. The park is unspecified the Tibetan level, that rests at 3500 meters above ocean’s surface.

For the Tibetan population this district is of extreme otherworldly importance, and many fans form pilgrimages to the park done yearly. In fact, in the Tibetan expression the name of the park smoothly done interprets ‘to ferry population from agony’.

In the summertime, a great number of flowers accept delivery of something bloom, while the fall causes interesting changeful leafs to park. Regardless of the season, this park remnants attractive.

Potatso National Park
Potatso National Park

West Lake National Park

West Lake is the exquisite highlight concerning this undisturbed protected area. Here guests can saunter near individual of common people trails that reptile about the pool. In few regions the view gives habit to the encircling mountain system, and the Hangzhou horizon. Otherwise, places of worship, pagodas, and differing flowers are sporadic during the whole of West Lake Park.

The flowers and pool itself have stimulated poets, painters, and different artisans during the whole of record, and contemporary it is respected all at once of high-quality continued models of classic flowers in Fuzhou. For another outlook, a dinghy ride is a well urged habit to understand or be understood the nature of West Lake National Park

Lushan National Park

Spiritual directors have congregated to this extent for day. It is prize for allure chaste Chinese countryside, that is containing waterways, bluffs, and woodlands. Today over 200 old Buddhist, Taoist and Confucius monuments and houses wait.

The shielded extent runs from the Yangtze River to Lake Poyang Basin, and is home to any of elevations gorges, canyon, and caves to find. The park is well affiliated by trails, and somewhat quiet, that create it the perfect place for a friendly journey continuously in an enchantingly organic countryside.

Lushan National Park
Lushan National Park

Huangguoshu National Park

Located in Western China, Huangguoshu National Park is home to individual of Asia’s best waterfalls. The park’s title given to something, Huangguoshu Waterfall, is nearly 250 meters in crest and breadth.

There is a gorgeous easily incised grotto, unseen behind the falls shade of water. Visitors are free to investigate the grotto outside accepting wet. On pleasant days, the mist from the cascade even establishes an attractive prism play off the lavish plant life of the park’s scenery.

There are any of believing programs, and walkways located about the falls, containing individual that transfers a bird’s eye view concerning this unrefined exhibition. Year-round the hotness is an affluent 16 scopes Celsius that create this park an attractive interest although the season.

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