Bahrain Climate

The best time to travel to Bahrain

The summers of the small archipelago of Bahrain are long and arid, its winters are windy and dry, and it is often clear during the year. During the year, the degree typically is different from 58°F to 101°F. Generally, there are only two main seasons in Bahrain, a very hot period from May to mid-October which is the summer in Bahrain, and a cooler season from December to February which is considered winter.

Bahrain’s climate in summer

Bahrain is very hot and sunny in Summer with a low temperature of around 30/32 °C, the Persian Gulf’s humidity makes the summer heat hard to bear. The sun shines all over the year in Bahrain, but sometimes cloud banks may affect this reign even in summer. The Persian Gulf is warm in the summer in Bahrain for a few months, and sometimes is the warmest sea in the world. But consider it, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and offices are well equipped with air conditioning.

Bahrain’s climate in summer
Bahrain’s climate in summer

Bahrain’s climate in winter

The pleasant temperature of Bahrain is in winter, from December to February. The sun often is in the middle of the sky, and the rains are often rare and sporadic. In January and February, there are some cool and windy days, as an example, the temperature can drop to around 10 °C at night and remain around 15 °C at midday. The winters of Bahrain are quite mild.

Bahrain’s humidity

Because of the influence of the sea, the temperature range between day and night is low, but the humidity is high. In fact, Bahrain’s climate is desert, with only 70 millimeters of rainfall per year. In Bahrain, the inverse of other Arabian nations of the Persian Gulf, there are some ancient springs for fresh water, however, more than half of the freshwater that locals consume is received by seawater desalination. In August and September, everyone can experience the worst blend of humidity and temperature because the humidity steadily increases during the summer.

best time to travel to Bahrain

In Bahrain, Summer is not well enough to enjoy the trip so the best time for visiting this wonderful city is from mid-November to mid-March to avoid the summer heat. In fact, from December to February the weather is generally mild and enjoyable. Between December and February, the weather is generally mild and pleasant, but you must be well aware of cool days in these months, maybe it would be cold at night, or even rain some days. November can be a bit suitable month, the weather is still hot, but not extremely, highs are 28 °C or around 25/26 °C.

best time to travel to Bahrain
best time to travel to Bahrain

What to wear

For the winters in Bahrain, light clothes during the day are enough, but for the evening and cool days, a sweater or a jacket can be what you need. Moreover, bring a scarf for the windy days.

In summer, lightweight and loose-fitting clothes which are made of natural fabric are essential. As well as a sweatshirt and a scarf, because it may be cold in air-conditioned places.

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