The Dubai Fountain: The story behind its dancing waters

All You Need to Know About Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is the world’s biggest performing fountain in the world and its founts dances to the music. This fountain is located in the 30-hectare manmade Burj Khalifa lake. The  Khalifa Burj lake and Dubai Fountain are in front of Dubai Mall and Burj.

Dubai Fountain is one of the main reasons that Dubai is one of the famous destinations among tourists from around the world. Dubai Fountain holds a lot of world records including the world’s largest and highest fountain. Dubai Fountain is one of the glamorous sights of Dubai. We want to give you some information about this fountain in this article.

What is so special about the Dubai Fountain?

If you want to put the wonders of Dubai Fountain into numbers, the founts of this performing fountain can shoot 22 gallons of water up to 150 meters in the air. There’s a piece of music playing in the background of the performance and the fountain performs to the rhythm of the song. And color projectors complete the performance with dancing lights.

Every skyscraper within 20 miles Radius distance from the Dubai Fountain is able to watch and hear the performance of this fountain. Dubai Fountain was officially inaugurated in the year 2009 and from the beginning, has been able to steal a lot of visitors’ attention and attract them.

 Dubai Fountain
Dubai Fountain

The process of building the Dubai Fountain was completed in less than 3 months. Dubai Fountain was designed and built by an American company named “Wet Design” that cost about 800 million Dirhams which is equivalent to 218 million dollars.

Dubai Fountain includes 5 circles located in the  Khalifa Burj lake that has 6600 lamps and 50 projectors in 25 different colors and is 275 meters in height. These thousands of equipment work together to create an eye-catching performance.

The best time for visiting Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is open to visiting 24-7 for everyone and it doesn’t need a ticket or entering fee but the performances only happen on an arranged schedule. In order to plan a great tour of Dubai Fountain, we gave you the information and the performance timing:

  • The evening and night performances: There’s a performance every day from 6 PM to 11 PM that happens every 30 minutes and lasts for 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Afternoon performances: two performances happen in the middle of the day.
  • Every day except for Fridays: two shows at 13:00 and 13:30
  • Fridays: two shows at 13:30 and 14:00

Buildings and attractions near the Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is located in the downtown of Dubai city and a number of touristic places like Khalifa Burj, Dubai Mall, and famous restaurants of Dubai are situated near the Dubai Fountain and you can have other experiences at the side and you won’t waste a whole day on your visit to Dubai Fountain.

The Dubai Fountain
The Dubai Fountain

At the show time of Dubai Fountain, there is too much crowd and you may not be able to see the show perfectly but there are some spots around the Burj lake where you can get a better look at the show from them.

  1. Dubai Fountain Walk Bridge (Boardwalk): There is a floating bridge located on the Burj lake where you can go walking on the bridge and get a closer look at the shows of Dubai Fountain. This is a 272 meters bridge called Boardwalk that starts at Burj Park and it gets near the founts of Dubai Fountain.
    The ticket price for Dubai Fountain Walk Bridge starts from $12 per adult and you can spend 30 minutes on the bridge.
  2. The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride: you can experience a boat ride on the traditional boats of Dubai that are called Abra. You will ride on a traditional Arabian boat and watch the fascinating shows of the Dubai Fountain at the same time.

The ticket price of The Dubai Fountain Lake Ride is different and it is based on corporate or the website that you booked the ride from.

Dubai Fountain is one of the most charming places in Dubai city and it is next to the Dubai Mall and  Khalifa Burj.

Dubai Mall is the biggest mall in the world and the best spot for looking at the Dubai Mall is in front of Dubai Mall. Click here for more information about Dubai Mall.

 Khalifa Burj is a skyscraper in downtown Dubai and holds the record for being the world’s tallest building. Burj is next to the Dubai Fountain and you can have a great look over the shows of the Dubai Fountain from this famous skyscraper.

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