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Top 9 Cities in Turkey for living

Turkey is a developing country in the tourist industry. The presence of natural tourist attractions in this nation, as well as the low cost of services and commodities in comparison to other countries, attract a huge number of tourists each year, and many of these individuals will eventually seek residence in Turkey.

Turkey has seven regions known as bloge in Turkish. It has 81 provinces as well. Each of these areas combines tradition and modernity and has provided reasons for residents to apply.

The 9 Best Cities in Turkey

In the following, we will introduce the 9 cities in Turkey that are the best to live in.

  1. Istanbul
  2. Antalya
  3. Alanya
  4. Bodrum
  5. Izmir
  6. Kalkan
  7. Bursa
  8. Yalıkavak
  9. Fethiye


The city of Istanbul is the heart of Turkey, and it is also the greatest city in Turkey to live in. This city is divided into two parts: western (European) and eastern (Asian), which are separated by the river that runs through the center of the city. The European section of Istanbul is modern, while the Asian section preserves its historic and traditional character.


In the European section, there are contemporary and touristy districts like as Fatih, Beyolu, işli, and Beşiktaş, while in the Asian section, there are neighborhoods such as Kadköy and Skoda. In terms of prices and living costs, the European half of Istanbul is more expensive than the Asian part.

This city of 15 million people is flanked by two seas, the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. This city is home to the renowned Bogazici University, one of the most respected institutions in Turkey. This city has amazing facilities. From two major airports to well-equipped hospitals. However, due to Istanbul’s status as a metropolis, the city’s air is frequently polluted.

In this city, the quantity of revenue is proportional to the number of spending. In other words, if you work hard and live frugally, your income and spending will be the same, and you will not have any problems.

Furthermore, the majority of people in this city speak English, so you will have no trouble communicating. However, in addition to these benefits, living in Istanbul has drawbacks such as traffic, air pollution, heavy smoking, congestion, cold winters, and a high cost of living in comparison to other Turkish cities.


Antalya is another excellent place to reside in Turkey. This city lies in southern Turkey, and the combination of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean coast has made it one of Turkey’s most attractive cities. This city has a warm winter climate but scorching summer and excellent amenities. It boasts an international airport and well-equipped hospitals, and it also has an adequate education and university system. This city features stunning natural landscapes.


So, if you’re searching for a place to reside in that combines modernism with natural beauty, don’t overlook Antalya. This city boasts several beautiful hotels as well as historical sites.

However, along with these benefits, this city has some drawbacks. Disadvantages include slow internet speeds, poor security, excessive cigarette usage, and a lack of knowledge of the English language among the residents of this city.

Because of the abundance of tourist attractions in this city, it may be a good choice for anyone looking to work in the tourism industry.


This historical and old Turkish city, noted for its historical and natural charms, is one of the greatest places to reside in Turkey. This city has historical sites from the Seljuk period as well as beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea.

This city’s temperature is pleasant in the winter, and you may spend several days relaxing on its gorgeous beaches. This city has thriving marketplaces and retail complexes where you may purchase leather, hand-woven carpets, and silk.


This city’s market near the airport is also an excellent area to go for cheap shopping. This city’s transportation system is not very sophisticated, and you can get around by taking small buses or cabs. Electric scooters are another intriguing kind of mobility in this metropolis.

A variety of classic cuisines are available at this city’s restaurants. In most places, fresh bread is prepared daily. Along with the traditional Börek and pogacha bread, you may serve meatballs, kebabs, dumplings, and soup.


Bodrum is a city in Muğla Province in the southwest of Turkey and is located in the neighborhood of the Aegean Sea. This city is famous for its sailing boats, ancient attractions and attractive and turquoise beach. This city is lively and happy and is very suitable for tourists who are looking for beautiful and sunny beaches.

Bodrum is a small town covered with white houses. The best season to travel to this country is spring and summer. The bus system in Bodrum, Turkey is very regular and extensive, you can also use a boat to travel to other cities. The cost of living in this city is more affordable compared to other cities in Turkey.


Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey, and it is also one of the nicest places in Turkey to live in. This city is located in western Turkey, on the Aegean Sea’s shore. This city is quite old, yet it also has a contemporary side. This city’s special and distinctive trait is its strong security in comparison to other cities in Turkey.


This city’s climate is hot in the summer and mild in the winter. Proper rains have resulted in this city having clean air.

This city has amazing amenities. Cambridge University of England has various branches of study courses in this city. Another feature of this city is the presence of an international airport, as well as sophisticated and well-equipped hospitals.

The standard of living in this city is lower compared to Istanbul, and this has made this city welcome many applicants from other countries. The Clock Tower is a well-known landmark in this city.

In general, the following are the benefits of living in Izmir, Turkey:

  • Low level of living in comparison to cities with comparable services
  • The solitude of the city due to its large population
  • High security, particularly for ladies
  • Clean air in the city
  • Excellent university and hospital facilities


The picturesque city of Kalkan, which has been named one of the nicest places in Turkey to live in, is located on an island in southern Turkey. Life in this city is linked to a form of nobility, but it has also kept the same traditional texture arising from its people’s fishing. In this city, you may see antique places as well as luxurious villas. Buying a property and then renting it out is one of the city’s key benefits. Because this city attracts a large number of tourists each year.

Furthermore, the majority of the inhabitants in this city speak English, so you will have no trouble talking. In this city, you may use and enjoy the beach’s comfort and entertainment amenities. This city is one of the best places in Turkey to purchase real estate and invest.



Bursa ranks fourth in terms of significance and size among Turkish cities. This city is located in northwest Turkey, and one of its natural attractions is the gorgeous beaches of the Sea of Marmara.

In this city, you can notice the difference between industry and greenery; in this manner, the major pole of Turkey’s car industry is located in this city, but it is also known as the green city owing to its wonderful parks and green areas.

This city has a temperate temperature, and the air is typically clean thanks to the rains.

This city’s amenities are decent and acceptable, and it also has an international airport. In this city, income has an acceptable proportion with costs. As a result, Bursa is one of the most popular tourist and job-seeking destinations in Turkey, as well as one of the nicest towns to live in. The following are the benefits of residing in this city:

  • clean air
  • moderate weather
  • Cheap housing
  • Excellent social and educational services


Yalkavak is located 18 kilometers from Bodrum. This city is well-known as one of the nicest places to reside in Turkey, as well as a favorite of artists, celebrities, and singers. It’s worth noting that because this city attracts a lot of international visitors and immigrants, the locals speak English very well.

However, you must exercise caution before settling in Yalkavak. Because living in this city is expensive, but you will benefit from greater facilities. The good thing is that Bodrum is close by and you can easily have fun.


Fethiye is one of the nicest cities in Turkey to live in current days, in addition to being one of the most significant tourist destinations in Turkey.


Fethiye is a city in Turkey where most of the country’s influential and notable people live, and where highly elegant and costly houses are developed. This is not to say that everyone cannot live in Fethiye. Rather, it suggests that before making a selection, you should thoroughly research the target city. Because your budget influences where you live, and you must prepare ahead of time. Food prices in Fethiye are somewhat higher than in comparable cities. As a result, calculate how much money you should spend on food each month.

If you want to avoid the hectic atmosphere of a city like Istanbul, you can buy a home in this coastal city.

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