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Anything a tourist should know about Thailand's Khao San Road

According to annual statistics, more than 6 million visitors visit Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, and Khao San is among the most famous streets in the whole globe. Tourists regard this street as the global center for pedestrian traffic. It is good to know more about this street and its distinct beauty before your trip to Thailand; join us as we take you on a special tour of it in this little essay.

About Bangkok Khao San Road

In the Thai language, Khao San means rice, and in the past, this street, which today is considered the pedestrian and beauty center of the city of Bangkok, was the market for rice sellers. You can see that this street never sleeps day or night. And it is awake at all hours of the day and night. Khao San shops and vendors are known as the awake eyes of the city.

Locals and visitors always occupy this street, but the late hours, from well after midnight, are when it is busiest. This street gets cooler and more attractive at night. The picture of this street model has appeared in Southeast Asian-themed films and theaters.

Khao San Road Attractions

One of this street’s main attractions is its presence of various cafes and restaurants. In addition to cafes and restaurants, strange vendors on this street are busy offering delicious food and desserts.

This street is the center of neon lights and paper lanterns at night, which multiplies its beauty.

Another main feature of this street is the presence of many hotels and guesthouses that offer services from very low prices to three-star hotels.

Khao San Road Attractions
Khao San Road Attractions

The Best Restaurants and Cafes on Khao San Road, Thailand

Knowing that you can buy the best food from the Street peddlers is interesting.

This street is a suitable option for all tourists due to its proximity to train and metro stations. Tourists also choose it because of its many inns.

The names listed below are a selection of the greatest eateries on this street, and we shall discuss their services individually.

The Fabulous Dessert Cafรฉ

This coffee shop may be the best place to unwind after a hard day wandering up and down Khao San Road. This coffee shop serves specialty coffees and scrumptious pastries, and customers are treated courteously. The inside of the coffee shop is designed classically. Very old radio records are used as dรฉcor, while black and white pop art is painted on the mine walls and stairs.

The Fabulous Dessert Cafรฉ
The Fabulous Dessert Cafรฉ

May Kaidee’s

This coffee shop is located on the ground floor of the Cozy House Hotel and specializes in serving dishes with vegetables.

In this restaurant, you can order any fruit salad or any other salad as a dessert; this coffee shop also has a variety of Thai desserts that you can order if you wish.


This restaurant is one of the open-air restaurants in Thailand, and it serves a variety of Thai dishes; Of course, in addition to Thai dishes, you can enjoy some international dishes in this restaurant. There is also a pool and a garden next to this restaurant.

The Pleasures of Pat Thai

It’s safe to say that your trip is incomplete if you don’t buy something from the street vendors when you come to Khao San Road.

The street vendors on this street are extremely skilled, maybe even more skilled than an international chef in a luxury restaurant!

This is proven by the delicious taste of their local food and Thai desserts. In addition to food, you can also buy sliced Thai fruits and taste them.

The Pleasures of Pat Thai
The Pleasures of Pat Thai

Tom Yum Kung

This name is the best and, of course, the most famous Thai restaurant on Khao San Road. This restaurant’s most famous and delicious dishes are spicy fish soup, spicy seafood salad, fried shrimp, snail scallops, and payapa salad with crab.

This restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and many employees, and we suggest you visit this restaurant.

Khao San Road Accommodations

There are various hotels and inns on this street, and one of the reasons for the street’s popularity is the existence of these hotels.

In this part, we are going to introduce some examples of hotels that provide better services than other hotels.

Riva Surya Bangkok

The Riva Surya dream hotel in Bangkok includes 68 well-equipped rooms. Since this hotel has a luxurious and attractive design, it is known as the Venice of the East. This hotel also has entertainment facilities and conference halls. Since this hotel is located on Khao San Road, you can easily access the city center from here.

Riva Surya Bangkok
Riva Surya Bangkok

Navalai River Resort

The Navalai River Resort hotel is located near the Chao Phraya River and the famous Khao San Road, and it can be a good offer for those who are looking for peace. By staying in this hotel, you can easily access shopping centers.

This hotel has 74 rooms with a unique and attractive design, and most of them are wooden. There is a jacuzzi and a pool with a panoramic view of the river on the roof of the hotel.

Casa Nithra Bangkok

This hotel is equipped with the best comfort and entertainment facilities, and its name in Thai language means to experience the best time to rest and relax in a place away from anxiety. This is a 4-star hotel, but the services it provides can be at the level of a 5-star hotel; the staff of this hotel are very polite and loyal and value and respect their guests. From this hotel, you can easily access the cultural places in Bangkok; these places include the National Museum, the Grand Palace, etc.

Praya Palazzo

Staying at Praia Palazzo Hotel is like staying in an exclusive luxury unit in Italy, and this hotel is located along the Chao Phraya River. This hotel has won many awards for the style and architecture of its rooms.

In addition, the officials of this hotel have always paid attention to the details and tried to meet their customers’ needs. From this hotel, you can easily access the famous entertainment places of Thailand, such as the Grand Palace, the Emerald Temple, and Chinatown.

The Most Visited Places on Khao San Road

Ghost Tower

Bangkok Ghost Tower is a tower with a panoramic outlook. At the same time, this is a frightening and enigmatic location, with intricate incomplete units and portions embodying the city’s lost dreams. The building of this tower had reached 80% completion when the Asian financial crisis struck in 1997, leaving several skyscrapers in Thailand (including the Ghost Tower) incomplete.

The Ghost Tower, whose original name was “Sathorn Tower,” was planned to be a 47-story structure with magnificent apartments built by Rangsan Torsvan. A modern and contemporary area that was once surrounded by the city’s historical landmarks and gilded buildings is now isolated and deserted, drawing hordes of tourists and serving as a stark reminder of Bangkok’s potential grandeur and inventiveness.

Ghost Tower
Ghost Tower

Khao San Road Tanon Store

The store is full of clothes, t-shirts, glasses, bags and artificial shoes, just be careful not to put a hat on your head. Use the art of bargaining in Thailand to leave the shops happy. A variety of street foods and cold juices are offered at a low price on this street.

Bangkok National Gallery

Thailand is not normally known for its museums, but the Bangkok National Gallery, on Khao San Road, is the center of Bangkok’s art and culture. This historical building, left over from Thailand’s colonial era, was once used as a residence for the royal family of King Rama V, but today it is used to show the hardships and beauties of Thai life. Check out the old black-and-white photos of Bangkok and the delicate ancient curtains.

Democracy Monument

Enjoy world-class and delicious Thai street food from street vendors around the Democracy Building. This building symbolized the Thai people’s protest against the government when 70 innocent people were killed there, and later the Bangkok Amphitheater became a place for peaceful and popular protests.

Democracy Monument
Democracy Monument

Giant Swing

Just two years after Bangkok was chosen as the new capital, King Rama I erected this 21-meter-tall, blood-red edifice.

Phra Kaew

Phra Kaew is the most important temple inside the royal palace of Thailand and is also called the temple of the Emerald Buddha. The statue of the Emerald Buddha, which is made of green jade and is sitting in meditation, is located in this temple.

This statue, which is 45 cm high, has three special golden clothes that the king of Thailand changes the clothes of this statue during an official ceremony according to the changing of the seasons. On the walls of this temple, there are beautiful hanging paintings that show 178 images from the story of Ramayana. This temple is one where it is very important and necessary to wear a hijab to enter it.

Phra Kaew
Phra Kaew

Access path

Access to Khao san Road is difficult because it doesn’t have a station (metro, Skytrain, MRT). And the only way to access it is by ship (on Kalorang River), taxi, bus, or tuk-tuk.

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