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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is the international airline of the State of Qatar and one of the biggest airlines in the aviation industry.

It was established in 1994 and currently flies to more than 150 destinations which include six continents like the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.

Qatar Airways is the first global airline in the world to get the prestigious 5-Star by Skytrax (the international air transport rating organization).

This airline was also voted “Airline of the Year” by Skytrax for many years. Qatar Airways offers three classes of travel: First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways
  • First-Class provides travelers with ample stowage options and an ultra-comfortable, fully lie-flat bed.
  • Business-Class provides travelers with a roomy cabin that allows them to work or relax in comfort and privacy.
  • Economy-Class has wide seats, individual TV screens with over 4,000 entertainment options, and accessing Wi-Fi and wide dining options during flying.

Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc, well-known to RAM is also the country’s largest airline that flies to about 94 destinations. The company was set up upon the recommendation of the Transport Committee of the League of Arab States.

Royal Air Maroc provides two classes for travelers: Business Class and Economy Class.

  1. Economy-Class allows the passengers 10 kgs for carry-on and 15 kgs for checked-in luggage.
  2. Business-Class allows the passengers 10 kgs for carry-on and 30 kgs for checked-in luggage.
Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc

Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways was founded in 1954 and now is flying to over 34 destinations. It is one of the oldest airlines in Qatar.

During the Iraqi invasion, Kuwait Airways buildings and 15 aircrafts were destroyed, but the airline was relaunched and has re-established its system to fly more than 46 destinations around the world.

They also offer industry courses in various aviation management programs with the purpose of promoting cooperation, having quality, and safety standards. And recently Kuwait Airways won the Best Onboard Amenities award.

Kuwait Airways provides three classes for travelers:

  1. First-Class passengers can rest and relax with fully comfortable seats and luxurious Arabic coffee and also, having access to free limousine services in the airport.
  2. Business-Class passengers have access to particular lounges and are welcomed with complimentary services such as meals, drinks, and movies. They also are equipped with blankets and headsets for watching movies on aboard.
  3. Economy-Class in Kuwait Airways supplies passengers with affordable and comfortable seating. All economy guests are equipped with a pillow and blanket and also there is a range of affordable inflight facilities for travelers to choose from.
Kuwait Airways
Kuwait Airways

Salam Air

Salam Air started operations in 2017 and is a low-carrier airline in Oman. Salam Air flies to more than 18 destinations. This airline never accepts the low quality of service and offers passengers a great flying experience.

Salam Air offers only Economy-Class services that passengers can enjoy their legroom. With premium travelers, the airline prepares to meet and greet services.

Economy-Class allows the passengers 7 kgs for carry-on and 30 kgs for checked-in luggage.

Qatar Executive

Qatar Executive is dependent on Qatar Airways, based in Doha. It launched at the Paris Air Show on June 16, 2009. As a part of Qatar Airways Group company, it is responsible for Qatar Airways charter requests and become a leader in air charter services in Qatar.

Qatar Executive is equipped with 18 private jets, including Gulfstream G650ERs, and Global 5000s, and also it is able to offer charter flights to any location worldwide.

Qatar Executive’s passengers can enjoy a unique level of service in any worldwide destination.

Qatar Air Cargo

Qatar Air Cargo operating as Qatar Airways carries the flag of Qatar. It started running in 1994. The company includes more than 200 aircraft and hires over 43,000 people. The company is located in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha.

Qatar Air Cargo
Qatar Air Cargo

With Qatar air cargo, you can have a chance for getting live updates on your loads’ movement with Qatar Airways whenever you want.

Since October 2013, Qatar Air Cargo has been a member of the Oneworld union. It is the first carrier to sign with one of the three airline unions.

The airline manages an enormous network, linking over 150 international destinations across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania from Hamad International Airport.

Qatar Amiri Flight

Qatar Amiri Flight is a VIP airline utilized by the state of Qatar. It provides worldwide charter tickets on demand for the royal family of Qatar and other VIP government staff. This airline was established in 1977.

Qatar Amiri Flight is located in Doha, Qatar, and the airline’s center is settled at Doha International Airport.

Popular Airlines in Qatar
Popular Airlines in Qatar

Now you know all about Qatar airlines and their options that help you have a better decision for traveling to Qatar.

All these airlines were established in Qatar, but here also is a list of airlines that operate flights to and from the Hamad International Airport of Doha, Qatar below:

  • British Airways Doha.
  • Jazeera Airways.
  • Wataniya Airlines.
  • Shaheen Air.
  • Iran Air
  • Turkish Air

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