Dubai Outlet Mall

Everything about Dubai Outlet Mall

Dubai Outlet Mall is one of the 5 best malls in Dubai. Dubai has the greatest malls in the world and a lot of tourists come to Dubai just for shopping. Malls of Dubai offer a complete collection of universal brands (from high fashion brands to fast fashion brands) and different kinds of products (clothing, perfumes, furniture, high-tech devices, bags, shoes, etc.).

Dubai Outlet Mall offers the most affordable products. If you are looking for a mall to purchase a lot of products at a reasonable price, you should go to Dubai Outlet Mall.

The Dubai Outlet Mall is the first outlet built in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. The outlet is a shopping center where the products of famous brands from all around the world are sold for less than the real price in the stores of that brand. You can find world-known brands and products at a generous discount at the Dubai Outlet Mall.

Dubai Outlet Mall
Dubai Outlet Mall

You can find 240 stores and over 1200 world-known brands in Dubai Outlet Mall. The products you will find in Dubai Outlet Mall are not new collections; they are mostly off-season products but it’s still original and from a famous brand. You can find products with 30 to 90 percent discount.

Other than tempting discounts and prices for shopping, there are more facilities and amenities in Dubai Outlet Mall to make your visit more comfortable including ATMs, praying rooms, toilets, changing rooms for infants and parents, etc.

Different stores of Dubai Outlet Mall

In Dubai Outlet Mall there is various kind of products and brands for every person with any taste. You can find clothing for women, men, and children. Other than the clothing you will find accessories and furniture at this outlet. We will categorize stores and brands of Dubai Outlet Mall and name the most known brands and stores with the most discount in every category.

  • Stores for Women with the best discounts in Dubai Outlet Mall:

Calvin Klein: Up to 60% discount.

MANGO: 50 to 75% discount.

Burberry: Discounts start at 30%.

  • Stores for men with the best discounts in Dubai Outlet Mall:

Levi’s: Up to 70% off.

Tommy Hilfiger: Discounts start at 30%.

  • Stores for buying accessories with the best discounts in Dubai Outlet Mall:

Aldo: women’s bag. Men’s and women’s shoes.

Adidas: unisex shoes

Rivoli Eye Zone/Rivoli Group: for designer watches and frames.

  • Furniture stores with the best discounts in Dubai Outlet Mall:

Tchibo: for kitchenware, dishes, Sports equipment, and even clothing.

Native Art Gallery: you can purchase crafted products, made by the native African, Australian, and American people.

Accessibility of Dubai Outlet Mall
Accessibility of Dubai Outlet Mall

Accessibility of Dubai Outlet Mall

Some hotels in Dubai offer the option to take their guests to Dubai Outlet Mall and take them back to the hotel.
But other than that, there are two bus lines that you can take and they will take you to the Dubai Outlet Mall: The No 66 and 67 bus lines have a stop in front of Dubai Outlet Mall.

Outlet Plus Card

Various stores of Dubai Outlet Mall participate in this project. By purchasing this card, you will get the opportunity to get more discounts and value additions. These options are available for one day and if you want them the next day, you have to purchase another card.

Location: Route 66, Al Ain, Dubai Rd, Dubai Outlet Mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


(Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday): 10 AM to 10 PM.

(Friday, Saturday): 10 AM to 12 AM.

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