Iran’s Climate and Average Weather

Iran’s climate in different seasons

Iran is a country with a wide range of temperatures and climates. Different parts of Iran, experience different climates and temperatures all year long. There aren’t many countries in the world with this range of diversity in their weather. The temperature difference sometimes comes to 50 degrees centigrade. You will see that in one day, two different cities in the coldest and warmest areas of Iran experience weather with more than 50 degrees centigrade difference.

If you want to categorize different areas of Iran by their weather, you have to put them in three categories:

  1. The North
  2. west/northwest
  3. Southern parts of Iran

The north part of Iran has a muggy (hot and humid) climate and summer. The reason is that the north part of Iran is next to the Caspian Sea. The closeness to the sea provides a temperate climate in the winters for this part of Iran. Gorgan, Rasht, and Bandar Anzali are some of the cities in the northern area of Iran.

As you come to the western parts of Iran and recede and get away from the coastlines of the Caspian Sea, you will get close to the Zagros Mountains so the mountains provide moderate summers and cold winters in western and northwestern parts of Iran. Ardabil, Tabriz, and Damavand are some cities situated in this area of Iran.

Iran’s climate
Iran’s climate

The southern area of Iran’s climate

The southern area of Iran is next to the Persian Gulf and most parts of it are located on the coastline of the Persian Gulf. The western part of Iran has very hot summers and moderate winters. Hormoz, Kish Island, Bandar Abbas, and Ahvaz are located in this part of Iran.

Iran is a unique country if you consider its nature and climate. This wide range of temperatures in Iran has provided a diverse climate with different natural sights. You can see all kinds of natural sights in Iran including beaches, jungles, deserts, mountains, etc. Iran is one of the countries where you can experience every season and weather in it, from cold winters with snow to very hot summers.

If you are planning a travel to Iran you should pack some clothes for every season and prepare yourself for every climate. You will experience hot weather in Hormoz just like a European summer and on the same day in Ardabil, you have to wear sweaters and coats to survive the cold.

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