The 5 star glamping in Qatar

Qatar's top 5 glamping experiences

Both trustworthy Bedouin tents and cozy family cabins are options range that promises an unforgettable stay. Excellent views, sandy hills, and roaming camels make the Qatari desert a traveler’s paradise. And, it can be a memorable experience in a moonlight desert in Qatar.

The tents will provide a set of cabins and tent-like structures called “fan village” and it is on the outskirt of Doha. These tents can be considered an affordable option and some of them are available for just a bit more than $200 per night.

Since some recent survey shows that the most exciting thing after post-lockdown is spending time out of the home, incredible camping experiences under desert skies can be stimulating in Qatar. These tents of the desert camp are a combination of traditional design joined with modern comfort. So, you can explore, experience, and enjoy in comfort.

Here, you can get more information about some of Qatar’s desert camps.

glamping sites in Qatar
glamping in Qatar

Regency Sealine Camp, Ash Shaqrā

Blending modern pleasures with traditional aesthetics, Regency Sealine Camp is located in one of the most beautiful places you have ever visited, right where the desert meets the sea. It is settled in Ash Shaqrāʼ and is equipped with a restaurant and free WiFi.

This tented camp offers even a continental or buffet breakfast, a shared lounge area, air-conditioned rooms, cozy bathrobes, slippers, and room service. And also, it is the best spot for travelers to enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, or a charming camel ride.

Finally, Regency Sealine Camp provides free road transportation for travelers on their arrival day to the camp and back. In case the travelers would like to use the transportation services, they should contact their intended camp in advance.

Regency Sealine Camp, Ash Shaqrā
Regency Sealine Camp, glamping in Qatar

Private Campest, Dukhan Beach

For travelers who are looking for outdoor luxury, Private Campest can be the best choice for them, a stay in a fully furnished caravan at Dukhan Beach. This tent camp prepares the finest spot for nights with friends under the stars and as well comes with a decorated outdoor area.

Travelers can finish the day with an unforgettable barbecue under the stars. Private Campest may not seem a clear option for travelers but it is popular leisure for locals in Qatar.

Outdoor 369

Between kinds of camp spot that cozy cabins take the place of tents, Outdoor 369 is one of the best places for women and supplies a dreamy glamping getaway you have ever visited.

The cabins are small but it has a large outdoor area that is beautifully decorated. It is located near Al Khor and is equipped with unique features to provide a beautifully comforting experience right in the desert.

Travelers can spend their evening roasting marshmallows by the fire, sipping on a hot cup of spiced tea (Karak), or relaxing outdoor. Travelers can enjoy a movie night with a theatre experience!

Outdoor 369
Outdoor 369

Sarab Camp, Mesaieed

The camp has 16 clusters, each consisting of six tents. Sarab Camp is one of the perfect places to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and experience the desert like never before. Entertainment and local cuisine are available. The camp also has a private beach and an indoor playroom and a majlis.

The traditional camping village similarly provides travelers the choice of bringing their ingredients for a barbecue. Sarab Camp is also equipped with an Arabian-style social space for travelers to come together and enjoy entertainment.

The outdoor play area offers table tennis and foosball, with an opportunity to hire quad bikes for thrill-seeking adventurers.

Sarab Camp, Mesaieed
Sarab Camp, Mesaieed

Overnight camping with 365 Adventures

It can offer an Arabian night with 365 Adventures. The stay promises to be full of adventure from falcon handling to dune bashing.

It is located at Sealine Beach and travelers can wake up to a wonderful sunrise over the Persian Gulf, enjoyed alongside a delicious Arabian breakfast, a marvelous experience to remember forever.

It as well presents a Middle Eastern barbecue feast to the travelers before spending the night in traditional Bedouin tents.

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